Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Romside Windows Now Available

I am delighted to say that several of these elusive Romside metal/tin windows were put up for sale on KT Miniatures website today.
Many a finger and knuckle got scraped on the metal hinges as one went about one's business of opening and shutting the little windows, during the course of  some serious childhood imaginative play! Those little butterfly handles also  had a tendency after much use to simply wear out and snap off.....but apart from all that - I still think they are  wonderful, don't you?

These Romside windows are often referred to as Tri-ang windows, which they are most definitely not. Tri-ang windows are slightly different dimensions, square panelled and a different colour. All of the various makes of tin/metal dolls house windows are becoming extremely sought after nowadays, as they are far more difficult to get hold of - so unsurprisingly value is rising steadily too.


Christine said...

What wonderful condition they look to be in!

KT Miniatures said...

Yes Christine, most of them are. It is just the quad window at the lower end of the photo that is rusty and worn. Most of the others are in superb condition. Makes a refreshing change - normally they are found to be a bit on the rusty side. Celia

Boff said...

Back in the 60s I worked for/with E. Jack Holmes who started the Romside Manufacturing business making these windows - a simple steel pressing; in fact as you all know they made the complete dolls house. I also knew his son, Richard, who continued the business after we left the estate which was off to the west of North Street Romford, opposite the old Romford LT bus garage, and between there and the river Rom, thus Romside. I am amazed to see that they are still around and, as has been said, in such good condition 

KT Miniatures said...

Hi Boff. How absolutely intriguing! Many thanks for taking the time to add your thoughts - is much appreciated. How wierd it must be for you to see these windows again! If you have any info on the earlier history of Romside, would be fascinated. Do get in touch by email if you wanted. There is still quite a bit about the earlier part of the company that we don't know. Celia

Swansea Jack said...

Really fascinated by the Romside windows. I have just acquired a 1940's house which I believe to be made from a Hobby's plane. Some of the windows are ok but a few are beyond repair.
Are these windows still being made? If so who took on the manufacture when the original company close