Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Out With The Old KT Miniatures Newsletter & In With The New!

After days, weeks....actually no months of tearing hair out with the old newsletter system that had been provided free by my internet server company since the very conception of KT Miniatures website (ie. years)........I have finally given in and taken the plunge.  Yep, I've gone for a posh super duper system which even though  I now have to pay a small fee for...what the heck, hopefully it will be worth it just for my sanity alone!

Actually, in order to get my money's worth, newsletter subscribers should be receiving them more regularly from now on - she says hopefully with everything crossed and touching wood at the same time....yes I am a tad superstitious.  Here below, you can see a part of the very first new newsletter that went out a couple of days least it looks a bit better than the old one. But then as I am now paying for it, should jolly well expect it to!!!

The plan is to send a KT Miniatures Newsletter out each week to subscribers. Benefits would be that you should in theory, hear about some of the very special pieces that are listed on KT Miniatures by  newsletter first. I often try and coincide the live listing of very special pieces alongside the sending out of the newsletter.

Anyone who previously subscribed to my newsletter and was receiving them should still get it. However.....with the old system, several subscribers simply never received their newsletter and no-one has been able to fathom out why...they would simply disappear into a cyber black hole. It maybe that you will get this new one?  If not, then please feel free to sign up again and give the new system a go. Obviously some of you with company email addresses may have them blocked and treated as spam - sorry there is nothing I can do about that. It may be wise to use a home/private email address. Also, some of you who are still on old computer sytems that can only receive emails in text form rather than html, will not see the lovely colourful graphics.  Sorry - there is nothing I can do about that either.

 So....if you would like to sign up for my free emailed KT Miniatures Newsletter CLICK HERE
Alternatively,  there is a permanent link on the left hand column of my website, scroll down the page a little and you will get to it. You can unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time.


christine said...

done xxx

KT Miniatures said...

Aah thanks Christine. Just checked - yes you are on the list.... seems like quite a few others have just signed up too!! Lets hope the new system works better than the old. Celia

Sandra Morris said...

Great idea Celia!

Hope it really takes off.....


KT Miniatures said...

Cheers Sandra. Well the other old newsletter system worked well for a long while until the technos began to "improve" it....then everything kept going pear shaped so was definitely time for a change. Celia