Monday, 11 July 2011

A Bit On The Large Side - 1/10th Scale Plus!

Every so often, I acquire some vintage dolls house pieces that are larger than the "normal" average 1/12th scale. Today I have listed for sale on KT Miniatures website,  several items that may be of interest to those of you who collect 1/10th scale and even larger.
There is this tin cooker, that not only has an opening door but the cooker lid opens right up to form the wonderful is that?! With this particular cooker, age and maker is unknown but judging on the style, I would say that it is most probably post war - 1950s?  The cooker measures from floor to top of cooker hob just under 4".  But when the cooker splasback is fully opened, the whole measurement from floor to top is 6 1/2" high. So you can see, this is a little larger than your normal 1/12th cooker.

Now this tin cooker is a different story. It is meant to be a gas cooker, has MADE IN ENGLAND embossed on the splashback and judging by the style, I think there is no doubt that this is pre war. I have dated it between 1920s and 1930s. Sadly the plate rack is missing off the top, even so though....this is a lovely example of a vintage larger scale cooker. This cooker measures just over 4 1/12" to the hob top and 7 1/4" to the very top of the splashback. So a bit bigger again than the other cooker shown on here.  
Amongst some of the other items listed are a very old heavy metal saucepan and pretty blue bucket. Perfect for the larger scale vintage dolls house kitchen! In fact both of these items came with some  early 1900s dolls house furniture so I am assuming that these are of the same era.
Another of the more interesting pieces is this extremely old cane chair, upholstered in green material and could be useful for various rooms in the dolls house.

There is also this very old glassware set.......probably from as far back as 1915. I am not sure whether one would call these a set of drinking glasses and a bowl or if indeed they should be classified as four dishes and a bowl? (We do have some real life sized glass bowls very similar in style, that belonged to my husband's grandmother). This miniature set would look lovely adorning an old sideboard or old shelves.
To view more info on these above plus other large scale items, please go to the