Friday, 1 July 2011

Grecon Dolls - Arn't These Wonderful?

Some Grecon dolls just don't do it for me and can be quite ordinary.....others are simply amazing. These little gems came in the other day and unsurprisingly some have already been snapped up within minutes of going up for sale. In fact, as I sit and type, grandma, the little girl and dog should be embarking on their mammoth journey "over the pond" to the US and their new home.
Grandma is wonderful and all three of these dolls and dog came in together, believed to have been made post war 1940s or possibly early 1950s. I love grandma's spotty dress with lace trim and bead embellishments.  A really nice touch is her woollen scarf and her little bead neck decoration. None of these dolls have Grecon labels, whether they had any in the first place or  whether they all dropped off, there is no way of knowing.
The little girl is sweet.  She has a material dress and matching bloomers.

There is something so charming about this old dog. I have no idea what make he is, could even be Grecon but not sure? He appears to be made out of either pipe cleaners or woollen covered wire. I love him!

This delightful Grecon lady in a purple felt suit with felt frilly decoration and bead embellishments is in a super played with condition. Her hair style is very 1940s don't you think and you can just see a hint of a spotty blouse around the neckline?
She is still currently available at the time of writing this.  


Country Cottage Chic said...

They are sweet - no wonder they were snapped up so quickly!

HelenLovesCashmere said...

What fabulous little dolls! The pipe cleaner dog is just too cute! :) x

Ysé said...

Love their woollen hair, and the pink tailleur of the lady.