Monday, 18 July 2011

Look At This Antique Bird & It's Cage....Just Listed!

First of all...I would just like to give a warm welcome to the several new Followers that have recently joined KT Miniatures Journal...."hi" and hope you enjoy reading my news.

Ok, now to today's little of the aspects that I love about my job is the spontaneity of it all....... I never know from one week to the next, what will come in on the vintage side.

Well today I have put up for sale one of my more unusual antique acquisitions....a tiny and very old metal bird cage complete with bird on a perch that actually swings. Taking it's picture was a challenge as the slightest vibration sent the birdy swinging! There is no doubt that this metal cage is very old, possibly late Victorian or early 1900s.

There is also no doubt that this little treasure that measures 2" tall to the top of the hook, has been well played with. In fact some of the bars are a tad bent but personally I feel it adds to the overall character! So if you are looking for a very old little treasure with a difference, then look no further.

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