Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Tri-ang CEX Kitchen & Bathroom Fixtures

If you have a vintage Tri-ang CEX dolls house, you may be interested to know that just listed for sale on KT Miniatures are some plastic furniture fixtures from a Tri-ang CEX dolls house. I understand CEX Tri-ang houses were first available in 1958 and then for a few years into the 1960s. These pieces are quite rare in so much as they just don't come along very often and could be very useful to you if you are missing them from your original CEX house.
They were salvaged from  a very sad dolls house that was in dreadful condition and truly beyond repair! I am not in the habit of taking components from lovely vintage dolls houses  I can assure you but do so only when restoration/renovation is beyond hope.

These CEX pieces are quite basic compared to the Tri-ang Spot-On & Jennys Home kitchen and bathroom furniture, nevertheless they do have great charm. As this kitchen unit is moulded plastic, none of the doors or drawers open but I like the nice touch of the grill space on the far left where the cooker is situated.

This moulded bath and sink are fixed onto a red plastic panel and although simple in design are still delightful. The toilet does have a lift up toilet seat and is fully intact which is quite refreshing. In fact the toilet is more rare than the bath/sink unit as the tiny plastic fixing brackets and cistern are reknowned for cracking when removal is attempted from an old dolls house.  This is a common problem with other makes of vintage plastic furniture too, with age the hard plastic becomes more brittle & prone to damage.  



Pan said...

Shame the house was beyond repair but some great treasure there.

My Realitty said...

The forms of the furniture are so smooth and complete! C