Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Some Exquisite Antique Miniatures Just Released For Sale

Every so often I acquire some of the more unusual antique miniature items and have just listed for sale on KT Miniatures some gorgeous & quite rare pieces that just don't come along very often.  It is fair to say that  I have found it painful to let these go and not keep them for my own collection but as I am supposed to be running a business.....go they must!

Both these metal pieces originate from the early part of the 20th century and believed to be German. The gong is very Art Nouveau in style and little coal scuttle has a lift up lid for your miniature coal!

As a child I remember in our cemetery lodge house, we had an ancient 1930s black bakelite phone identical in style to this. Does anyone out there remember how one had to carefully poke ones finger through the relevant numbered hole and revolve the dial right round to the end for each separate digit? Is hard to imagine now with our super duper trendy & instant push button phones! This particular German piece originates from the 1920s/1930s, is metal and a bit larger in scale than the traditional 1/12th scale, however would look fabulous in a vintage dolls house where scale is irrelevant.
And now for this..... not sure what the proper name for it is but I will refer to it as a drinking vessel. I do know that it is German and from the early 1900s. The outer casing is metal and the inner is made of green glass. Considering it's age, is in a wonderful condition.

All these can be found on www.ktminiatures.com on the Living Room/Dining Room page under the Antique 1/12th section. I also have some very old 1920s/30s glass striped tumblers and an antique bread board that have just been listed on the Kitchen page too, with more antique glassware to come!


CLARA said...

Muy buenas compras. Felicidades.
Besos Clara

Les Miniatures de Béatrice said...

very nice: the last is a german tankard for bier: wonderful

KT Miniatures said...

Thank you Clara & Beatrice for your comments.

Welcome to my blog Beatrice, it is has been ages since we communicated - last time was through AIM! I imagined the drinking vessel is for beer but is it called a tankard? Isn't there another special name for it? Maybe someone out there knows.Celia

Robin said...

Hi Celia - your tankard..is is a beer 'stein'???
Gosh - what treasures. I remember the telephones very well, including the fact that the numbers all had proper exchange 'names' - like Oxford or Abingdon...instead of umpteen numbers!

Pan said...

Lovely items Celia. I have the same metal gong and it is missing it's beater too but it is still a very decorative piece.