Thursday, 11 November 2010

A Few More Handmade 1930s Bits & Pieces

New creations emerging from my workroom this week are yet more vintage books  but this time arranged on wooden wall shelves.

For the children of the dolls house there are two different kinds of 1930s quoits boards...a "Golly Board" and a "Cartoon Board" along with six loose hoops.

Finally for the residents of your dolls house, there are some old fashioned sofas that have been given a paint effect in order to look like old rexine, complete with moth eaten blankets and slightly dirty throws! Each sofa contains two cushions with a handpainted vintage floral design along with a pile of fixed vintage books and a newspaper. Suitable for the 1930s era onwards.

As with the majority of all my other handmade pieces under the Exclusive Items range, these can be used with both vintage and reproduction dolls houses. All are now up for sale on


Minnie Kitchen said...

looks absolutely fantastic!!

KT Miniatures said...

Hi Minnie Kitchen...thank you for your comment and welcome to KT Miniatures Journal! Celia