Monday, 8 November 2010

Miniature Books Galore Plus A Bit More Besides!

Ok.....have been rather busy these past couple of days creating dozens of miniature 1/12th scale books in a variety of ways, replicas of the life sized books and most of which are new to KT Miniatures. They have now gone up for sale on my website ......and there is still yet more to come! These are suitable for use in both vintage and reproduction dolls houses.

There are some 1930s book cases crammed full with books of various sizes, all fixed into place in a realistic and random way. The wooden bookshelves have been given a dark painted finish, suitable for 1930s era onwards.
There are various sets of five books fixed together, sets of children's books arranged in a variety of ways plus..ok, nothing to do with books but these have also just gone up for sale too.......some 1930s boxed games of Snap and Happy Families based on real games from that era.
All these new creations can be seen under the various headings in the Exclusive Items section on KT Miniatures website:


My Realitty said...

OOOOOOOOOOoooooo they are really beautiful! C

Margaret said...

Great job on the books and the shelves look so realistic.

Robin said...

The books are really super - I know because I've seen them - but I love the cards!! I don't suppose you have jigsaw puzzles??

Sandra Morris said...

I just love these childhood books, toys and games!

Wonder if I can fit any into my Edwardian day nursery without being too anachronistic.....

KT Miniatures said...

Cheers as always for your comments folks!

Robin...sorry, as yet I don't have any jigsaws but hey..I am working on 1930s quoits boards amongst other things!

Sandra......well I don't mind if you put 1930s bits in your Edwardian nursery!lol Celia