Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Some Little Framed Prints Plus A Bit More Junk Too!

This is the last of my creations to leave the workshop this week as my attention has to turn to other projects for the next few days.  All are suitable to be used in both reproduction dolls houses and vintage dolls houses.

Framed 1930s Landscape Prints

Framed Biblical Prints
Above are a sample of some of the very old prints that have been created inside a black painted aged frame. Others are available too.

These set pieces can be used in a corner of an old attic or outhouse, maybe a spare bedroom or even a charity shop or junk shop. All the items including framed prints, printed boxes, books, magazines and newspapers are from the 1930s era so can be used in settings from the 1930s onwards.

All of these, apart from the Biblical Prints can be found on KT Miniatures website on the General Page under Exclusive Items.

Biblical Prints can be found on the Bedroom page under the Exclusive Items.


Robin said...

The prints are super - but it's your junk I love best!

KT Miniatures said...

Do you recognise some of the books Robin? lol Celia