Friday, 10 February 2017

What Do You Do With A Broken Antique Dolls House Sofa & Dining Chair?

Whilst rummaging through stock, in preparation for next weeks Thame Dolls House & Miniatures Fair, I came across two broken antique miniature chairs that I had completely forgotten about. Both are extremely old, and both had a missing leg, plus one of them had a missing back strut too. I never throw anything away and often try to mend broken pieces using components or wood from other "seconds" if I can. Some are more challenging than others - I hate giving up on pieces that have survived decades already, so if I am unable to mend them as such, I do try and make them into something beautiful if I can.
So here was the first casualty....a circa 1920s/30s German upholstered dining chair. 
The right front leg was missing, so I replaced with a tiny scrap of wood, as near to the dimensions as the other front leg as possible.  Also one of the fretwork back struts was completely missing too. This proved a little more tricky but eventually amongst my "Bit Box", I found some dark wood suitable.

So, with a little bit of glue, wood scraps, acrylic paints and wax polish, mission was accomplished. This chair is now acceptable for purchase and will be on my stand at next week's fair, at a greatly reduced price than its good looking "sister", which is currently for sale on

 The other chair is a sofa and an extremely old one at that, probably German and from the early 1900s...mabye even late 1800s. How on earth could I give up on it!?
The back right leg and part of the side frame was missing - the damage was so bad that it would not even stand up! I decided any attempt on my part to replace the leg and missing frame could not be recreated very successfully. And although the upholstery is a little stained and rather worn, it was crying out to be loved once more!

So after much head scratching, pondering and two cups of coffee later....this is what I came up with!! Yep, I glued a pile of my old style books together in a random pile and fixed it to the underside of the sofa where the leg should be.
So now it stands up at least! However, yes it is quirky and not everyones "cup of tea" but I love it. Everytime I look at it now it just makes me smile. If anyone has an old dolls house  library/ study, or even miniature front parlour with an eccentric inhabitant, this could be perfect for you!

I have been busy at my workbench all week and more creations are beginning to emerge from my workroom, plus I am now compiling a selection of antique and vintage stock for next week's fair. Very shortly I hope to have pics and some sort of list of stock that will be available to purchase off my KT Miniatures stand at next week's event. 

If you go to the official website of the event, you will see that there is a floor plan of exhibitors. 
KT Miniatures is Stand No. 38.
I have a single stand this year for obvious reasons, but am planning to fill that one stand to the brim with some rather lovely old and handmade miniature goodies. And I can now see that I am to be in my old retired mate Robin's "Coombe Crafts" usual right angles to my old usual double spot. It is going to feel very different this year but actually Robin, on the promise of alcohol, has agreed to come and give me a hand for a couple of hours in the morning :)! 
So should be fun. 



Elizabeth S said...

Hi Celia!

I too am smiling at your quirky sofa leg but although it is not a repair "by the book", it's so unusual and appropriate for this old piece of furniture.
One can imagine this ancient heirloom creaking away day by day until suddenly the back leg finally gives out. Since Great Grandmother's sofa is too old for fixing, yet still cherished, some of her old books were used to properly fill that void of the missing leg.
I LOVE IT and I hope that you keep it this way! :))

KT Miniatures said...

Elizabeth, you have summed up my vision of this old sofa perfectly! I am only sorry that I don't have room in any of my old dolls houses here to put this in. So go it must. Although someone has suggested that I create a special old room box around there's a thought:) Celia