Thursday, 2 January 2014

Happy New Year & Welcome To 2014. KT Miniatures Is Back Open For Business!

Well ....2014 here we come!


Hope you all had a fantastic time over the festive season...I certainly did and now can't quite believe that I'm about to embark on my 18th year of trading!!

KT Miniatures is back open for business and am slowly working through the backlog of emails that came through during the Christmas and New Year holiday time. If you have not heard from me yet, you soon will as I'm now slowly clearing my inbox. if you have ever wondered who the mad person is behind KT Miniatures and why I'm not called Katie (haha...) then all has been revealed in the latest issue of The Dolls Houses Past & Present online magazine under the heading

The Tiny World Of KT Miniatures.

The quarterly online magazine is free to all and the latest issue covers various fabulous topics such as Hobbies of Dereham: Dolls Houses Furniture & Fittings, How To Make A Rag Rug, The Eve Dawnay Collection, A Penny For A Dolls House....and lots more, including an interesting article from an innovative artist on Unpainting: Using A Doll's House As A Conceptual Art Work!

Giveaway Competition For Members Of The Dolls Houses Past & Present Website....

Yes folks, I have donated two of my vintage style chocolate boxes in 1/12th filled with old photos and the other, with various vintage letters, postcards, photos etc. All items are fixed apart from the lid of the box that contains photos. Both these items are suitable to be used in modern reproduction dolls houses or vintage dolls houses.

To enter, you will first need to ensure that you are a member of the Dolls Houses Past & Present Website. To join, you simply need to click on their "Members" link and you will find the relevant info at the top of that page. Rebecca Green is the editor of the magazine and owner of the website, she would love to hear from you.

If you are not familiar with the website and a fan of old dolls houses particularly, then you will love this website. There are pages and pages of  Gallery pictures of various old dolls houses and furniture belonging to members and more besides. If you like to chat about dolls houses then there is a forum for members. Do go take a peek if you can!


Robin said...

Just read your fabulous article - with brilliant pictures - such a treat! Hope everyone reads and enjoys it too. Must go back and read the rest of the magazine another time.

KT Miniatures said...

Aww...shucks...cheers Robin. The DHP&P magazine is a wealth of information, particularly for antique & vintage dolls houses plus there is an archive of all the past issues too with some amazing articles...and all free! Celia