Monday, 20 January 2014

An Exquisite Rare G&J Lines No 18 Dolls House Just Gone Up For Sale Today....It Is Beautiful!!!

Now this is one dolls house that I SERIOUSLY have had great difficulty letting go of! It is beautiful and old treasures like this certainly do not come along very often.
Today, I have just listed this gorgeous early 1900s G&J Lines No 18 dolls house. It is in wonderful condition!
It is front opening and opens out into two halves. 
There are four big rooms, ceiling height of just under 10 1/2". The tiled lino flooring effect paper, I believe, is probably original. The brick flooring paper is not original. The wallpaper are replacements but they have been sympathetically and beautifully done. Also there are three wooden Lines fireplaces, which is nice.....these are so often lost.
In fact, in the kitchen a mock card wall with matching reproduction paper,  covers original green paper underneath....brilliant for research purposes. I wonder how many of us, left with just one wall of original paper, would have bothered to do this? A lesson to us all. 
The exterior is in completely original condition with the Lines brick paper on each side wall. 
The back has the remains of burgundy paint and a hint of the more modern electrics. 
The little peg that pushes into a hole on the base of the left front ensures that the whole frontage stays in place. 
The windows are all glazed with real glass and the glazed front door opens. Old lace and reproduction mock paper blinds hang at the window. The blinds have been cleverly made and are very effective. 

The roof has the original Lines tiled paper. The left roof with the pretty widow's walk and glazed window lifts off so this is another little room that can be furnished. 

This house was much cherished by the previous owner but due to personal circumstances it had to go into storage and the hard decision to let it go was finally made. So now this house needs a new home - one where it will continue to be cherished and loved.

What a beauty this is.......due to the size, weight and of course, sheer fragility, this needs to be collected from me here in Thame, in person. I am based just a couple of miles from the M40. Overseas customers, this could be shipped by They are pricey but will do a good job and specialise in shipping big antique items.
Full details of this can be found on the following page:


Serenata said...

What a fabulous house indeed, fortunately for me it has a sobering price tag (I am sure it is worth it, don't get me wrong) which keeps me on the straight and narrow as I have enough to keep me going at the moment! Thank you for telling us all about this treasure and the wonderful photographs.

KT Miniatures said...

Hi Serenata. Indeed it is a fabulous house. It comes with a hefty price tag simply because it is rare, does not come along very often and is in brilliant condition (a rarity in itself).

Like a lot of antiques, this will be a real heirloom and an investment. Not only will this hold it's price if looked after properly, but will increase in value. It is painful to sell as I absolutely adore it but I just do not have the space and am supposed to be running a business (hahaha Mr KT Miniatures has to keep reminding me)!

I need someone to purchase this quickly before I succumb totally! Celia

Giac said...

Hello Celia,
There are no words! It is magnificent. Wow!
Big hug,
Giac words!

jenann said...

Oh, go on Celia! Succumb, succumb! I have a selfish desire to see this one when it is fully furnished....LOL.
It is a beauty but I wouldn't swap you know which house for it. Mum and I are still gazing in wonder and planning.
I've always wondered why these early houses so often lacked internal doors when so much trouble was taken with the exteriors. My own little 50s house was the same but purely because Dad forgot to allow for them in construction until mum mentioned it and Christmas was too close for him to demolish it and rebuild. My little Grecon people just had to develop the magical skill of walking through solid walls.
Hope this one goes to a loving new owner soon.
Jenni x

KT Miniatures said... certainly has the wow factor!lol

Jenni, actually your gorgeous 1910 house would be about the same age as this No 18. Is really great to hear that both you and your mum are enjoying your beautiful purchase!

As to the lack of internal doors on old dolls houses. I know what you mean...haha - the idea of your little Grecon dolls walking through walls made me titter!

However years ago it was common to have simple rooms with large ceilings in dolls houses. I do agree that it is odd for a maker to go to so much trouble on making the exterior attractive but the interior so plain. However an attractive exterior gives a dolls house great "kerb appeal" and simply cries out for you to open up and explore inside! Celia