Sunday, 12 January 2014 sure it will look nice when its finished! has only been 6 days since our ancient free standing cooker was taken away and our new cooker, hob and cooker hood arrived. 

Freddie, our youngest cat, is not happy to have his peaceful sleeping place disturbed!
However, the new bits are still in boxes unpacked, all lined up in my "computer room". We have to climb over and around boxes in order for me to get to the computer!!! (Although the cooker is proving handy for laying out orders ready for despatch) lol!!!

Where our old cooker once stood, is now just an empty space filled with rubble. As we have been hacking off the tiles in readiness....unfortunately half the wall has been coming away too...grrr.
 The mess and dust is horrible and I feel my stress levels already rising. Mind you, it was not helped by our "ordered and fully paid for before Xmas worktops" to go awol in between Oxford and Thame these past few weeks!! However, finally after throwing my toys completely out of my pram on Friday afternoon to the manager, when yet again the promised delivery did not arrive....the long lost cocky and unapologetic driver materialised as if by magic at 7.30 on Friday the dark! (I will NEVER order anything again from that well known DIY store that begins with "H" matter how many special discounts they are offering)!!!!! 

  As our lovely guy "Phil" cannot start working on the kitchen until next Wednesday, it does mean that we have to continue cooking simply with a microwave for at least another week. Mr KT Miniatures is already sick of salads, baked potatoes plus the simply "prick the cellophane wrapper and heat in microwave" meals! However, I have to admit that I am becoming rather partial to the Waitrose Chicken & Cashew Nuts microwave meal!!!

I have the unenviable task of emptying kitchen cupboards today - the contents of which will have to go in the lounge. We are keeping our 18 year old base/wall cupboards as we absolutely love them.....they were bespoke made from old pine reclaimed from a London factory roof and are still going strong all these years later, but the worktop has not lasted quite as well. 

 Am sure it will all look nice when it is finished....however, is business as usual and I have some rather lovely old treasures to list this coming week.


Serenata said...

Ah kitchen renovations, never a straight forward and as simple as they should be! Hope all goes well and good progress gets made later in the week.

KT Miniatures said...

Cheers Serenata. It is 18 years since we last had the kitchen done. It is the dust which gets absolutely everywhere and into everything that gets me!! But should be brilliant when finished. Celia

Giac said...

Hello Celia,
Hang in there! when the work will be done it will all be worth it. Your post brought me back to a few months ago when we pulled out the old wood backsplash...we just gave up and just removed the gypsum and redid the wall.
Big hug,

jenann said...

Oh, Celia - new kitchens are like new babies. During the process of bring them into being, you privately swear that you wish you'd never started and will NEVER do it again. Once you have it with you though, you soon forget how awful it all was and it becomes your pride and joy!
Grandma Jean sends you her sympathetic good wishes. She would dearly like to sack the jobbing builder who has done very little kitchen building for weeks. Said jobbing builder is hoping the offer of a piano might smooth things over tomorrow.....!

KT Miniatures said...

Haha...thanks Giac and Jenni for you advice and thoughts! I shall keep all this in mind. Celia