Monday, 6 January 2014

G&J Lines Dolls Houses- & Box Back Houses - Can You Help With Research?

Do you have a G&J Lines dolls house or a box back dolls house tucked away at home? Or do you have a very old dolls house but have no idea if it is a G&J Lines dolls house or not? Then in that case, Marion Osborne would love to hear from you.

Followers of KT Miniatures Journal/website or collectors of old dolls houses, will I'm sure have heard of Marion Osborne. She is an expert and author on old dolls houses and related items - her latest book on Tri-ang furniture is almost complete and going to press shortly (will bring you news of release date as soon as I get it), so she is now turning her attention to her next book which will about G & J Lines Dolls Houses - including Box Back Dolls Houses, of which we understand G & J Lines did make some. She has sent me this message for readers of KT Miniatures Journal:

Please ask your readers if they have a Box Back and/or a G & J Lines dolls house in their collections.  If they would care to send a photo of just the front of the house initially, then I would let them know what I know – if anything about the house itself and also if I need any other photos for the latest book.  G & J Lines finished in 1931, very few of them have labels showing the Thistle, so if unsure then again, please send a photo.  The Box Backs are so known as they do not have roofs on the house and the fronts are much higher than the house behind.  Again if in doubt please do send me the photo and I will respond. Many thanks.

Marion's email address is as follows:
Please don't be shy as Marion will be happy to hear from you.  Not a lot is conclusively known about the very early G&J Lines dolls houses so it would be helpful if as much data as possible could be amassed of these elusive old treasures, so that a concise compilation of information can be made for the benefit of everyone and for generations to come.  I shall be looking through my own files as I'm quite sure there must be a fair few G & J Lines houses of all shapes and sizes that have travelled through KT Miniatures over the years.
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