Sunday, 13 January 2013

Vintage Restoration Bits & Pieces Plus A Little Bit More Besides!

Finally I have been able to start listing again.....and first up are a variety of restoration bits and pieces for vintage dolls houses. 

I am pleased to say that at last I have some of those elusive metal windows for sale....both Tri-ang (the smaller ones) and Romside.
Tri-ang Windows.....the smaller ones.
Romside Quad Windows
Romside Triple Windows
So if you have an old dolls house missing these windows, now you have an opportunity to purchase some. They are increasingly becoming harder to find these days and I will have to sell them on a first come, first serve basis as there are simply far too many of you waiting all for the same thing.

Tri-ang Queen Anne Dolls House Components

Rare Plastic Windows From A Tri-ang Queen Anne Dolls House
Also, under the Tri-ang category I have components from a very sorry Tri-ang Queen Anne Dolls House, from the 1950s. It is not often that I dissect a dolls house but this was structurally in such a poor state, that I decided that it was better to salvage what I could from it and hopefully someone else will have use for these bits. The plastic windows are just as rare as the metal Tri-ang window would you fact I would go as far to say that they are even more rare....simply because the plastic used in construction became very brittle and fragile with age so consequently many have been lost.
  The roof too is in one piece and what is nice about the Queen Anne model, is that the roof simply sat on the flat part of the house, not tacked on or anything.

So too the stairs from the same house were loose and easy to remove from the main shell of the old house......and remarkably the stair carpet is still in place too. 


Many of these items simply do not come along very often so if you are embarking on a spot of miniature restoration, then here is a rare opportunity to purchase some highly sought after components. 

And finally....I have just added a couple of items to the Tri-ang 1/16th page.

There is this lovely all plastic moulded bathroom suite that would have come from a Tri-ang CEX dolls house......consisting of a plastic moulded bath and sink that comes as an all in one unit with splashback. With this particular model there were never any taps included....unlike the later Spot On or Jenny's Home bathroom suites. Plus a separate plastic toilet with lift up lid.

I have also just listed this lovely Tri-ang 1960s plastic wheelbarrow with rubber tyre and wire handles. Included in this set are the hard to find garden tools such as spade, shovel, hoe and fork...and like many of the items on this page......these do not come along very often. Plus this set also comes with a plastic marrow and cauliflour....just what every miniature abode needs!

These can be seen on the Vintage 1/16th Scale Tri-ang Page.


Robin said...

I can't get excited about windows...but love the garden items.

KT Miniatures said...

Haha Robin.....I know what you mean but these windows are becoming so difficult to get hold of more and more.......Celia

Giac said...

Hello Celia,
It's a shame to have to dismantel a house, but what wonderful components you have a saved. I know they will make someone very happy.
Big hug,