Sunday, 20 January 2013

Can We Tempt You?

Although our next workshop is not until Sunday April is well and truly in progress on the prototype.

The hardest part of each workshop is the actual working out of exactly how to go about constructing the components in the most productive way for each attendee. Much effort and thought is put into this aspect so that everyone attending our workshops can confidently undertake each project.
Is coming along nicely!

is a completely original, quite feminine and nostalgic project - a vintage arbour with climbers, unique landscaping complete with vintage style and well weathered garden furniture. There will be further accessories etc. but at least you can see from the photos, the gist of the project. This can stand alone, used with any of the previous workshop garden projects or butted up against a dolls house.....yes, even a vintage dolls house!!
We  have a handful of places now remaining for this all day event which is taking place in the classroom block at the stunning setting of  Waterperry Gardens in Oxfordshire, worth a day out in it's own right. All our projects are suitable for both complete beginners and the more experienced miniaturists alike; you can work at your own pace in a relaxed and informal environment.  
 Please get in touch asap if you need further information. 
 However, full details of this workshop, along with a downloadable booking form can be found on the promotional page-please click on the following link:

Lots of examples of our previous workshop projects can be seen on our Nostalgia In Miniature Workshops website:

A Mini Snowman Of A Different Kind!
Like most of the UK on Friday, we had snow. It is a well known fact that usually with us Brits, a mere sprinkle of snow, everything stops!! However actually,  this was a bit more than a dusting. By midday Friday, daughter's school was closed and son's office had closed so we had an unexpected house full. In an attempt to lure Mrs KT Miniatures away from her phone and computer which was exceptionally busy that particular day ( I wonder why-she says with a twinkle), it was suggested that we have a rare family outing on foot, up to the town. So, we dug out our wellies, hats, gloves and winter woollies....and off we trekked.  There is something very therapeutic about chucking snowballs at one's offspring-don't you think?!

Many of the businesses and shops predictably had closed early but we were enticed into one of our wonderful Thame pubs/restaurants with a lovely aroma. Resulting in us all having hot chocolate topped with marshmallows whilst thawing next to a roaring log fire...absolute bliss!

When we came out, one of the staff had knocked up this impromptu mini snowman with the aid of a saucepan, embellished with plastic drink stirrers and carrot for his facial features.....topped with a mug "hat"......haha!

Even though more snow is forecast for today, hopefully I will be able to post the now backlog of orders tomorrow-as I was not able to dispatch any parcels on Friday.

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