Thursday, 10 January 2013

New Computer, New Beginnings But New Problems!

These past few days has brought a serious sense of humour failure in this household! Amazing what chaos a computer dying on us can bring!!

After my lovely old computer packed up completely at the weekend and subsequently KT Miniatures grinding to a halt, I suddenly found myself having to dash out and purchase a new one. 

But of course it has Windows 8 and some of my trusty old software that I have happily used for several years beforehand is no longer compatible. So, for the past few days there have been several trips to a very well known computer store (am not even going to start working out the cost just yet as I will need a stiff drink or two before I add it all up).  Plus much time has been spent trying to make sense of the pictorial instructions on random bits of paper that come with it all, as well as the huge instruction manuals.... and my IT director (aka Mr KT Miniatures) has had to drop everything and endeavour to hook everything up, retrieve lost files and generally try and restore calm here once more.

Now, it is all finally set up and I have to  get to grips with it all.  Am slowly learning my way around this new computer and new software...I kid you not, it took us 5 minutes at the beginning to work out how to switch the monitor on! Then it took us several minutes to work out how to switch the actual computer off properly....(it has the facility of being a touch screen but I'm afraid I have to use a very set in my ways)!

So pleased to say that KT Miniatures is back up and running again (albeit rather cautiously) and hopefully by tomorrow, I can start listing more vintage stock again.


Giac said...

Hello Celia,
I am happy you are back and with a new computer.
Don;t get me started on computers...every day they remind me why I chose a non-software hobby like miniatures.
Big hug, and good luck with your programs,

Steinworks said...

HAHA I'm like Giac I do not know a thing about computers which is why I am having such a time with my old desktop

I just ordered some memory for it so I hope that solves the problem but in case it doesn't I'm looking at a new one too

it's nice to see you up and running again.


Sandra Morris said...

Good luck with the new computer and software.... you'll be back up to speed in no time and wondering how you ever coped with the old setup!


KT Miniatures said...

Thanks for the sympathetic and encouraging comments and my new computer are now on first name terms and coming to some sort of understanding!!! Celia

Christine said...

You poor thing, however I'm glad you are developing a relationship with your new machine. I hate learning new programmes.

KT Miniatures said...

Thanks Christine.....I think I need to get out more...I've found myself talking to the damn thing! Celia