Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Some Miniature Creations - To Be Released For Sale At Haddenham Fair

In preparation for The Haddenham Dolls House Exhibition & Fair next week (Saturday 12th November)  I have embarked on some miniature creating.  All handmade items as always have been given the KT Miniatures distinctive aged/well used look and are suitable to be used with both reproduction and vintage dolls houses. As with the run up to any fair that KT Miniatures attends, all handmade stock will now be witheld until after the event, then all unsold stock will be put up for sale on the website immediately after.

I will also have some vintage pieces available for sale that day that are not currently listed on the website, including a vintage dolls house....more news about those next week.

A 1/16TH SCALE CHAD VALLEY 1950s/1960s DOLLS HOUSE IN 1/12TH SCALE....a bit of a challenge!!!
Remember this from a few weeks ago.........?
I recently sold a gorgeous tin 1950s/1960s Chad Valley dolls house  and I was extremely sad to see it go.....I absolutely adore these tin lithographed treasures and that particular one had never been played with, consquently was in amazing condition.  However, I got it into my head before it went that I could recreate it in 1/12th scale. So, before it departed, I took plenty of images and set out on a crazy journey of scaling it down.

It took some time to work out how to do this but got there in the end and am extremely pleased with the result. Initially I was only creating this for my own amusement but once I made one, I just had to make another, then another......!

In the end, these little dolls houses spurred me on further and have created them in a variety of settings including one on a chair....along with another setting of a chair with the  vintage 1930s Touring England Game (me & my big brothers loved that game as kids- it helped teach us the geography of England) plus a variety of vintage books from the same era.


Something that I have been wanting to create in ages are these particular vintage style toy chests which are based on a very real and very old toy chest. All items are fixed but the lid  is flexible and  movable. These would be suitable for a variety of uses eg. nursery, spare bedroom, loft, secondhand junk shop etc.

These will go up for sale on the Childhood Page under the Exclusive Items section, if not sold at the Haddenham Fair.

I will shortly be having a complete overhaul of the WW2 section on the website and will no longer be selling the printed items separately but as sets instead. It is definitely time for a change!

To kick start this revamp to the WW2 series,  I have created some tiny little set pieces that can be used on table tops, worktops, shelves etc. and are quite versatile. I am hoping to have more set pieces for this era and pre-war 1930s shortly. As mentioned above, these will be available to purchase at the Haddenham Fair next week then what is not sold, will be listed on the website.

Saturday 12th November 2011
Haddenham Village Hall,
HP17 8EE
 10.00am to 4.00pm.
Admission: Adult £3.00 /Child £1.00

Artisans attending are Coombe Crafts, Tony Knott, Ronfel Miniatures, Sally's Little People, Nostalgia In Miniatures Workshop etc. plus of course KT Miniatures!! We will have our "On A Cold & Frosty Morning" scene on show and you will have an opportunity to bid in person on the Sealed Bid Auction (see full details on Nostalgia In Miniature Workshop website). There will also be several individual stands selling private collections, exhibitions from local dolls house clubs including Thame Club of course!!!I understand that there will even be a Lego Railway on display!

This is a delightful little bi-annual charity fair so do mark the date down in your diary and come along to see us and help Freda & George Dorell the organsiers, raise as much as possible for their chosen will be assured of a very warm welcome.


Robin said...

I LOVE your new childhood range Celia - and the little house is just out of this world!! A triumph!!

KT Miniatures said...

Aaah...thanks for taking time to comment Robin. Yes, am pleased with the little house....and although it took ages to get the artwork right, was worth it in end. Celia

Lady Jane said...

Such fun items. Wish I lived across the pond so I could attend this exhibit. Cheers! LJ

Dave Williams said...

Love the chests Celia, but the house is amazing, very well done indeed on recreating it.

KT Miniatures said...

Hi Lady Jane. Yes this little Haddenham Fair is just a bit too far for you to come!!!Never mind - I will try and take loads of pics on the day on put them on this blog. Celia

KT Miniatures said...

Dave - well thank you kind sir!!! Actually the hardest part of creating the tiny Chad Valley house was working out how to fit which bit, where and how!! But is like everything, once you know how it is easy!!! Celia