Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Some Interesting Late Victorian/Early 1900s Dolls House Furniture Plus A 1930s Three Piece Suite.

Some very nice and extremely old pieces came into KT Miniatures this week. They have gone up for sale today.

There are various wooden items of furniture, most are believed to originate from Germany and either late Victorian or early 1900s. They are fabulous!!!
There is this very grand wooden seat upholstered in red velvet....perfect for an antique dolls house.
There are some other chairs of different shapes and sizes. I love the colour of this single turquoise upholstered chair particularly. And there is some very nice fretwork on the chair backs of this pair of red velvet upholstered chairs.
Then there is this very grand cupboard with an opening door that reveals a shelf.

There is also a wooden piano and accompanying stool that came with this set. It is solid and actually quite heavy. The lid opens to reveal paper keys.  A nice detail is the bold "S" fretwork support.

To view these wonderful antique treasures, click on the following link:

However, my real favourite of all the really old pieces that have been listed for sale on KT Miniatures today, is the 1930s Charben three piece suite.

The colour is gorgeous and the moulded detail on these heavy metal chairs is very 1930s!! This particular set is in excellent condition which is not normally the case with this particular set. I have seen many a Charben chair with holes or dents......over the years.

This suite can be found on the "Others Page" under the Vintage 1/16th Section on KT Miniatures Website -

And Finally....I know this last piece cannot be classified as antique but it can be classified as vintage!

This is a 1950s Cantoy "Tea For Two" Kiddies Trolley Set & Box....and is in excellent fact I don't think it has ever been played with. It may be just plastic but it is so delightful. I have had the trolleys before and have even seen those tea sets before....but never all together.....and have never ever seen the box before.
It is 1/12th scale so have put it up for sale on the
....but you will have to scroll right down the bottom to the Vintage 1950s section.

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