Saturday, 26 November 2011

Can Anyone Identity These Mystery Dolls Continued.... Mystery Solved!!!

Huge "thank you" to Isobel for taking the time to email me and help solve the mystery over the identity of Glenda's old dolls....(see previous post)!

Little Bo-Peep
They are.....Baps Dolls, made by Frau Edith Von Arps-Aubert in Germany from the 1940s to the 1960s. Apparently Frau Edith began business by selling her handmade fairytale and nursery rhyme doll characters and animals door to door until demand increased. She also made dolls in national costume to sell as souvenirs. Glenda from the US has her mother's entire collection of these dolls, who had acquired them in post war Germany back in 1948 and for years, Glenda has not been able to find anything out about them.
Mary Mary Quite Contrary
Flopsy, Mopsy, Cottontail, Peter Rabbit & Mother Rabbit
Snow White & Two Mice?
Isobel tells me that there is a big section on Baps Dolls in Dollhouse & Miniature Dolls 1840-1990 by Marci & Bob Tubbs With Dian Zillner - a Schiffer book.

The Big Bad Wolf & The Three Little Pigs

So....thank you again Isobel for solving the  have made Glenda a very happy lady.


Robin said...

What a super story - and lovely ending. The dolls themselves are just wonderful!

Dave Williams said...

Very interesting story and some lovely photos to go with it.

Rebecca said...

What a fabulous collection of Baps dolls! I've seen them go for more than Grecons, and to have this number of fantastic sets - wow!

Christine said...

How wonderful for Glenda to have an answer. These lot are even nicer than the first. They are all in such superb condition too.

KT Miniatures said...

Robin...yes, Glenda tells me she has been trying to find out about these dolls for about 25 years.

Dave...they are lovely arn't they and in brilliant condition too.

Rebecca...have been "Googling" about these dolls and yes, it is interesting to see their value...personally, after studying the photos of them, I feel they are superior quality compared to Grecons.

Christine - they are wonderful arn't they.....I think my favourite is Little Miss Muffet and her spider (seen on the previous posting).

Country Cottage Chic said...

They are fabulous - what a lovely collection to have!

Lady Jane said...

Such nice dolls and a lovely story behind them. Glad you could share with us. Cheers. LJ

Florine said...

Well, how did I miss this post! Senior moments evidently! Flo