Monday, 30 May 2011

Typical British Bank Holiday Monday - RAIN!!!

I would just like to give a warm welcome to the few new followers who have joined KT Miniatures Journal over the past 3-4 weeks. Hello to you and hope you enjoy it here.

Ok... I decided to take a day off today away from KT Miniatures workbench (yep....Bank Holiday here again in the UK) but has chucked it down literally all day. However, shouldn't complain really as our gardens are all so lacking in rain that we are in desperate need of some of the wet stuff . Undaunted,  I  dug out my tatty old blue plastic mac (famous for being on Midsommer Murders but that is another story)!!!lol....and spent an entire wonderful day gardening in the rain. I can highly recommend it - is very therapeutic.... even if I then did  manage to trudge loads of muddy footprints right through the house without realising-ooops!!!
I couldn't resist taking a photo of my peony in the rain....I never saw it flower at all the previous summer.

Basically I was away for all of the half term holiday week last year and missed the peony flowering for its entire short today, I am making the most of it! I know this has absolutely nothing to do with miniatures but what the heck - just humour me!!
KT Miniatures will be back to normal tomorrow and open for business once more. I have some more lovely vintage treasures plus some vintage style handmade pieces to add to the website over the next few days....but more news about those another time.



Robin said...

I'm happy to humour you - I am so envious of your peony, it's wonderful!! Must be something in the air - I've just done flowers too...great minds and all that!

christine said...

aarrggh... don't do that to me....what with the raincoat!
midsummer murders is my favourite show... and i love peonies, but can't grow them here. (too hot)
so i'll stick to roses. xxx

KT Miniatures said...

Robin...yep, great minds and all that!! you really like Midsommer Murders? They often film around Thame & the surrounding area and over the years, I have simply been walking down the round and bumped into them, unwittingly walked past in shot on at least a couple of occasions. Is standing joke...that I always seemed to have my tatty raincoat on at the time!Celia