Thursday, 5 May 2011

1950s Amersham "Uplands" Dolls House For Sale

This very sweet little 1950s Amersham dolls house has just arrived in at KT Miniatures, all in original condition. You can see from the little name plate above the door that this house is called "Uplands". It is of wooden construction and still has all the metal opening windows intact which is nice - the sort that are totally unique to Amersham dolls houses.

Each window opens from either the left or the right and there is a fixed top panel above each one of them.

There is a room downstairs with a staircase leading up to another room plus a tiny archway leading into a smaller room above a garage. The wallpaper and flooring are original to the house which is great to see - so often these little vintage houses are redecorated as they pass through each generation. This has come direct from the previous owner who had this as a child.
On this 1950s model house the label has been painted/stencilled and is fully intact on the front of the base which again is great to see.
This floral patterned wallpaper above was commonly used in these Amersham 1950s model houses. I have taken a close up photo of each to help you identify this in your own vintage dolls house. It is so difficult sometimes to tell whether wallpaper is original to an old house isn't it?

Overall this little house is in a good played with condition although the chimney is missing, the small strip of brick paper is missing from the lower frontage and one handle off the garage door is long gone.  But everything else is intact and original.  The frontage also catches a tad on opening & shutting which is a common problem found in vintage dolls houses.

The original bulb is situated in the downstairs room and the wire leads out of the back down into the base where the battery would have been situated.
If you would like to find out more details please click on the following link:
Sorry but I have to say that as always, this is  available to UK buyers only. If you wish to purchase this little treasure, you are welcome to collect from me in person at Thame (Oxfordshire) to minimise any risk of damage in transit - alternatively this is small enough to post via Parcelforce.


Christine said...

Oh if only to live a bit closer! I love Amershams and this looks in such wonderful condition. I've popped a link to it on Dolls Houses Past & Present as well, I hope that is okay. :-)

Linda said...

*sigh :D Linda x

KT Miniatures said...

Sorry Christine & Linda....yes...if only you lived a bit nearer to us!!!lol

Yes Christine, thats fine about the mention on DHPP, thank you. Celia

KT Miniatures said...

Oh ....& just to say that this lovely Amersham has now been reserved. It's all set to embark on a new chapter in its life.Celia