Friday, 6 May 2011

Addis Cleaning Set Boxed - Old Shop Stock

Many of you will probably be familiar with these little Addis items. I suspect that quite of few of us in the UK  would have had these in our 1960s childhood dolls houses.  I certainly did and remember many a time happily sweeping and cleaning my dolls house floor with them.  (Sad isn't it?) Mind you....I bet loads of you out there did the same!
Arn't these lovely?

Although primarily manufactured for the 1/16th scale dolls house market in the 1960s, they would be perfectly suitable in a modern 1/12th scale reproduction dolls house.

Just goes to show how really good traditional design can keep going through decades and still be in fashion all these years later. I seem to remember when we got married in the late 1970s we were given a real life sized Addis kitchen set for a wedding present that was used for years right up until the 1990s.

There are six boxed Addis sets currently for sale - all old shop stock. I say boxed, it's more of a packet and the items are enclosed inside under the plastic, completely untouched since their manufacture back in the 1960s. The set consists of a plastic bucket with wire handle, plastic dustpan & brush, plastic scrubbing brush, plastic broom & washing up bowl - all with "Addis" embossed somewhere on them. The bristles on the brushes are nylon and the broom handle is wooden.

You can see here from a past 1950s Lean-To 1/12th scale project, how useful some of these Addis items are ...they look quite at home.
These Addis sets are now up for sale under KT Miniatures Old 1/16th section, on the "Others Page". Please click on the following link to view:


Robin said...

Oh my word ...that's one of our wedding presents miniaturised!!

KT Miniatures said...

Hahaha..did EVERYONE get Addis kitchen sets for a wedding present then (the real life sized ones)?

Sandra Morris said...

Oh My Dog..... I had one of those sets when I was nobbut a lass.

My grandfather made me a doll's house when I was about 8, so around 1966. It was 1/16th scale and had a little top loading washing machine in the kitchen just like the one in the photo. It was also just like the one my grandmother used in her lean-to kitchen.

Would that I'd kept it.......


KT Miniatures said...

Yep Sandra...they would all be real collector's items now....especially the top loading washing machine! As a child, I can remember us having a real life sized top loader just like that yellow washing machine too. I was always fascinated by the mangle above. Celia