Thursday, 2 June 2011

1930s Golden Wonder Book & Other Vintage Children's Books

At long last I have been able to re-create some sets of vintage children's books in 1/12th scale, sorry no pages but just wooden inserts.... therefore for effect only.  However I have made them with tatty dust covers to add to the well used  and much loved look.  They are now up for sale under KT Miniatures Exclusive Items...on the Childhood Page.  The Golden Wonder Book is being sold with two other much loved 1930s children's books - as seen in photo below. (The other two books were my step-mum's as a child).

A few weeks ago, to celebrate one whole year of blogging, I had a competition of which the prize was some vintage books including a 1930s Golden Wonder Book.  At the time, I had several enquiries about this specific book and subsequently promised that I would make some to sell.....sorry it has taken me so long to get down to this.

Growing up, I had my lovely step-mum's Golden Wonder Book and I absolutely adored it. I remember as a child being totally captivated by the illustrations and fairy tales. However sadly, as one grew up and moved house a few times, it became lost along the they do (still not sure how). Then one day, I happened to be perusing our local Oxfam Book Shop here in Thame (can highly recommend it - is a real treasure trove) and stumbled across the book by accident. This book is a real collector's item these days and even though the cover was in bad condition I just had to buy it (was expensive though).  

There are several of these sets available plus some other sets of 1930s-40s books, including a set of four boys books - all with dusty covers (some tatty).


Go to the following page to see full details:


Plushpussycat said...

These are lovely! I just LOVE mini books--nice job! :-)

Linda said...

ooooooooooooooooo wooohoooooooooo i have emailed you!!! hope i'm intime to get one!!! :D Linda x

KT Miniatures said...

Thank you Plushpussycat - glad you like them.

Yes are in luck!Have replied to your email.