Monday, 11 April 2011

We Have A Winner -KT Miniatures Blog Birthday Competition!

I am pleased to announce that after some considerable deliberation on both mine & Mr KT Miniatures part (we had a short list of three) the winner of the KT Miniatures Competition to celebrate one whole year of blogging  is................................................

KARIN FOSTER - From Canada.

CONGRATULATIONS KARIN - your little prize of mini books will be winging their way to you shortly!

I really must thank all of you who took part, your comments were very much appreciated. Just sorry that I cannot give you all a prize. 

KT Miniatures has had several emails since running this competition, all asking the same thing ie. if the books that are the competition prize as seen in the photo are available to purchase? Although I always usually have several sets of five books for sale at any one time on the GENERAL PAGE under Exclusive Items section on my website,  currently I don't have any of the battered 1930s Golden Wonder Book listed. But watch this space as there will be some available to purchase shortly! 


Linda said...

Congratulations Karin woohoooo yayyyyyyy :D and woohooo for the golden wonder books!!! :D Linda x

Karin F. said...

thx Linda. Thanks Celia & especially thanks Mr K!!!!!!!!!!!!!
As they say in your country: I am totally chuffed!!!!!!!!!Over here we just dance around yelling woohoo & high fiving everyone.
Can't wait!!
big hugs

KT Miniatures said...

Well I'm chuffed that you are chuffed!lol

The package is now on its way to you Karin.

Karin F. said...

Celia & Mr. K....
Books arrived & they are better than even the photo suggested! One of the nicest birthday presents I've received. (it was on April 10th)
Thank you again SOooo much! When (if) I ever get finished with RL renos on our rental house & have time for the things that count (LOL minis) I will be sure to blog about my win along with a big link to your site!!!!
big hugs K