Sunday, 17 April 2011

Freddie Trying To Look Inconspicuous.

Now for a miniature of the four legged kind!!! Look who I caught sight of...............luckily I had my camera to hand. Freddie (our youngest of two cats we got  from the shelter) is becoming more of an outdoor cat these days. Often he is hard to find as he loves the garden but his new hiding place has been rumbled!!

What a little poser!!!!!


Robin said...


Rick said...

Very cute!

Sandra Morris said...

Cat-in-the-pot....that's just given me a great idea for a miniature toy!


KT Miniatures said...

Cheers for comments everyone. Sandra - shall look forward to seeing your new toy in a pot!?

Freddie is just coming up to his first birthday & a bit of a nut case. Gets himself into all sorts of scrapes!!!Celia

Dave Williams said...

What a clever cat, never seen a cat hide like that before, nice photo.

Heather said...

This picture made me laugh out loud!