Friday, 22 April 2011

HAPPY EASTER - Taking some much needed time out - KT Miniatures closed for the weekend.

I would just like to wish you all a VERY HAPPY EASTER and hope you are having a fabulous time whatever you are doing. The weather here in the UK is truly gorgeous (unusually for a bank holiday weekend)! As to KT Miniatures - I have decided to close for the bank holiday weekend and am having  a long overdue rest as life has been very unpredictable of late and hectic.

So after spending a lovely Good Friday with family and in the garden doing absolutely nothing much in particular (which is very rare these days) I decided as I had the camera out - to take a photo with eggs in mind.  I may not have mini Easter Eggs.... but I do have some very old wooden eggs in egg cups - so here you go! These permanently live in my 1930s Hobbies House kitchen  and actually, I did once have three but thanks to my youngest cat who ate one (yes seriously), now only have two!
Then as I was snapping away in my Hobbies house I decided to photo one of my most precious miniature not worth much in monetary value but I absolutely adore it. This is my very old art deco vase decorated in the most glorious shade of green with orange so 1920s-30s is that!  For those of you who are art deco fans, am sure you will love it too. I got this at auction with a number of vintage items, have absolutely no idea of its maker but whoever made it was extremely talented and I would not want to part with it for the world!
The vase sits on top of a very old wooden fireplace that I obtained from a "dolls house" friend along with a whole load of vintage goodies. I had purchased it to sell but like the vase, just could not part with it. Again, this wooden fireplace with paper tiled decoration is genuinely old, maker unknown but most definitely early 1900s. It oozes pure nostalgia and my vase complements it beautifully.
One day, if I can get my act together & have some spare time "to play", I will do an update to my lovely 1930s Hobbies House Gallery Page on the KT Miniatures Old Dolls House Gallery pages.

KT Miniatures will be back open for trading on Tuesday after the bank holiday weekend. Will catch up with emails/orders then.

Meanwhile, once again, Happy Easter to you all!


Rick said...

Happy Easter to you Celia, and enjoy your weekend!

KT Miniatures said...

Cheers Rick. Certainly am enjoying the break. Happy Easter to you too!

Lady Jane said...

Great old minis.