Tuesday, 8 March 2011

New Slideshow For KT Miniatures & A Spot Of Early Cyber Spring Cleaning!

Today I embarked on a bit of early cyber spring cleaning and been tidying up a few loose ends on my Home Page.  I also wanted to create something that would show customers some of the diverse products that I make and sell at a glance.

It was not all plain sailing I have to admit and my apologies to anyone who may have simply been perusing KT Miniatures this morning to find that half my Home Page had disappeared for a while....ooops.  Yep, that was purely down to me as I was jiggling and jaggling new links etc....somewhere along the way I managed to mess it up! But a vey big THANK YOU to whoever invented  the "Undo" buttons of this world!!!

Ok...have to admit that I did not create any new widgets on my ownsome!  I did have lots (& lots) have help from my IT Director & better half,  aka Mr KT Miniatures.  After much pondering and deliberation between us we came up with this.......just hope it works on all your different computers and browsers!


Mary Williams said...

Very impressive Celia

Robin said...

It certainly is!!

Chrissey said...

Thats so good, Mr KT is very clever.

Linda said...

works on mine and i like it!!! :D Linda x

KT Miniatures said...

Cheers for taking the time for commenting everyone.....am actually relieved that it is working and that you can see it on your different computers. Didn't fancy spending another day jingling and jangling links again!!lol Celia

Mags Cassidy said...

Looks great.