Saturday, 5 March 2011

1/24th Scale Handmade Items Now Available

A while ago, a colleague persuaded me to make some tiny 1/24th scale printed items for a commission that she was working on. My initial reaction was "oh no...I don't really do 1/24th scale".

Up until now, I had only really delved into the realms of 1/24th scale with my reproduction lino which currently is a big seller plus did dabble in the distant past with some 1/24th scale printed wartime id cards, newspaper etc. But the smaller wartime printed items never really took off so consequently withdrew them & thought "no.... 1/24th scale is not really for me, I'll just carry on with the lino and stock some antique 1/24th items!"
However, my colleague was quite persuasive and I gave it a go. I was so delighted with the results that I decided to make a few replicas of my larger 1/12th scale printed items, mainly from my General  & Kitchen range.  I have to say that this 1/24th scale is much harder to work in than the 1/12th scale but you may be glad to know that I have persevered....and at long last have been able to create a brand new page on KT Miniatures website.....1/24th SCALE handmade 1930s/40s items and hope to broaden the range very shortly.

1930s & 1940s Food Packaging fixed sets that can sit on a pantry shelf or cupboard top maybe?

Various cleaning packaging fixed sets that would be suitable for 1930s - 1940s kitchens or sculleries.

Tiny 1/24th scale replicas of the 1/12th scale KT Miniatures sets of five vintage books. Again, these are all suitable from the 1930s era onwards.

There are also tiny aged printed boxed sets of old photos, old books plus various set pieces of books with old newspapers, magazines etc.

So if you have a little 1/24th dolls house (reproduction or vintage) and are looking for some tiny accessories with a difference, then do go check out my brand new

I have had an ANTIQUE ONE TWENTY FOURTH SCALE PAGE too for quite a few years now, although stock on this particular page is quite low at the moment.  It is worth checking it from time to time as I do get some lovely interesting pieces in.


Mags Cassidy said...

Fabulous, I know because I have seen them!

KT Miniatures said...

Aah...thanks Mags. This tiny scale does take a bit of getting used to though! These particular items take longer to make than their larger 1/12th scale counterparts! Celia

Lady Jane said...

Fantastic!!! this scale blows my mind and I am enchanted by it, sure wish I could do it...