Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Circa 1930s Large Glass Striped Vases

This afternoon I have just listed for sale these absolutely gorgeous antique glass striped vases. There are six of them which all came along wrapped up in a box and are believed to be old shop stock.

They are in excellent condition having never been played with, which in a way is quite sad, as all their long life they have been stuck away in a dusty old box totally unloved! It is quite rare to find old glassware in such wonderful unused condition.  

There are three colours -orange, green and red. I have to say though,  that although I have listed these for sale under the Antique 1/12th General section, these are most definitely not 1/12th scale but larger. They stand at just under 2" high and are 11/4" in diameter at their widest point.

I had been tempted to list them under the larger scale section on KT Miniatures but then decided that these could look fabulous in an antique dolls house where scale is irrelevant.


dale said...

These are beautiful! :)

Robin said...

These are really lovely - so unusual.

KT Miniatures said...

Many thanks Dale & Robin for taking time to comment. Yes, they are even more beautiful in real life....not sure whether the photos really do them justice. Celia

Dave Williams said...

They are amazing, more so considering their size.