Saturday, 19 March 2011

Circa 1930s Britains Rare Gnomes - what fine-looking chaps!

Ok...a few weeks back, I promised to bring you news of my efforts if I was successful in identifying some  old painted lead gnomes that came along with what I nicknamed "The Builders Collection".
"The Builders Collection" was a box of some fantastic old dolls house treasures, all from the 1930s and early wartime 1940s, found by a builder in an old loft that was being renovated. He had thought that the box was a pile of old rubbish and the whole lot had been destined for the skip until he spotted some "Pit-a-Pat" labels underneath various pieces of furniture; he gave me a ring and the rest is they say!

On the lying down gnome I could just make out the remnants of some makers mark but sadly was illegible. So I had to embark on a bit of research. It did take some time but then I finally stumbled across this wonderful old Britains advert....and success.....discovered that they are in fact 1930s Britains lead painted gnomes and quite rare!!!

Not being a particular gnome lover, I have surprised myself how I have fallen in love with these rather fine-looking chaps. I am intrigued says in the advert that these are for the pond or decorative purposes.  They are far too big a scale to be used with the Britains Lead Garden pieces which are 1/32 scale.... so am assuming that as the advert says, that these are meant to be used outside with "real life sized ponds"!?

The gnome lying down measures 2 1/2" in length and the sitting gnome measures 2" high.

They are solid lead so would stand up to the elements to a certain extent but would not recommend them for outside use these days as I understand that  these are now deemed quite rare and valuable.  Instead I would use them to adorn an old dolls house where scale does not matter. How fabulous these could look sitting outside the front of a dolls house or by the back door!
These are now up for sale on KT Miniatures - click on following link to view listing: Antique 1/12th General Page


Robin said...

'Miniature gardens' were (are) popular, in old stone sinks etc, as were small rockeries in the pre and post war periods in the 'new' suburbs and garden cities. They would look wonderful sited somewhere like this. Don't like gnomes really...but these are super!!

KT Miniatures said...

Actually they could be used in miniature gardens, yep you are right. Celia

christine said...

i love the gnomes... great bargains on the houses...sorry can't pick up, live a bit far away.. :))

KT Miniatures said...

Yep Christine.....just a BIT far for you..sorry!lol The gnomes are off to a good home already. Celia