Friday, 25 February 2011

Very Old Grecon Dolls, Some Pit-a-Pat Pieces Plus G&J Lines No 30 Now For Sale

I have finally finished uploading most of the unsold Thame Fair stock of handmade pieces under the Exclusive Items section on KT Miniatures website, so am now in the process of uploading many of the vintage items. And what wonderful items there are!!

Pit-a-Pat Clock
Pit-a-Pat Wireless - unusual one (had first thought to be a Tiny Toy wireless?)

As soon as I was loading the Pit-a-Pat items yesterday they were being snapped up almost immediately. However, the above and a few other items are still for sale at the time of posting this. I absolutely adore Pit-a-Pat items.....there is just something very special about them.....probably because I am potty on the 1930s era so I find the Pit-a-Pat style so appealing. CLICK HERE TO VIEW PIT-A-PAT PAGE

You have seen this G&J Lines No 30 CIRCA 1907-1915 before on an earlier posting, however it has now gone up for general sale, in a restored condition with some wonderful original features.

And finally today I have been able to put up for sale the remaining 1930s/early wartime Grecon dolls. They are adorable and quite rare. Their feet are kipper like, not like the normal kind of Grecon feet so these could have been alternative feet during early wartime when the normal supply were unobtainable?


Robin said...

Love the dolls!

Sandra Morris said...

Well done on getting everything onto your blog. I have yet to get off the starting blocks!