Wednesday, 23 February 2011

New Handmade Vintage Style Items For Sale

I would just  like to extend a warm welcome to several new "Followers" to this blog who have recently joined over the past few days. now embarking on the mammoth task of uploading all new unsold stock (handmade and vintage) from Thame Fair.......commencing with the handmade items first & will highlight a few pieces here. Many of these items have been created with a slightly aged finish to give a hint of realism so can be used in both reproduction dolls houses and vintage houses alike.

Just loaded up to KT Miniatures LIVING ROOM PAGE yesterday are various  items such as yet more filled 1930s bookcases (which has been one of my best sellers for years), three more aged settees, several 1930s -1960s tiled fireplaces (large & small) and some handpainted flying ducks.

On the KITCHEN PAGE there are various 1930s/40s packaging sets (all made by KT Miniatures), various wall food cupboards with mock glass doors, 1930s/40s gas cookers.....and more!

Instantly recognisable, painted  in such a way to make it suitable for use from 1930s onwards. There is a grill pan too and the oven door opens to reveal two shelves.

Today I have uploaded items to the WORLD WAR 2 PAGE . There are still all the usual favourites including at long last some more ARP shelves - apologies for those who were waiting for these....finally got around to making some more!!!
Another aged cream metal bed with mattress plus some more biblical prints and aged enamel potties have been added to the BEDROOM PAGE.

These beds proved to be a big seller at Thame and only have one left.

Several new set pieces have been added to the CHILDHOOD PAGE including boxes of children's books, more 1930s children's quoits, shelves filled with children's books plus some set pieces of various toys with books etc., including this castle with several 1930s children's books & an Oh My Hat game.  There are even some tiny soldiers inhabiting this castle!

Tomorrow I hope to upload all the unsold stock from the handmade General make a start on loading many of the unsold vintage pieces that were seen at Thame Fair last Saturday.


Robin said...

Phew! seems an appropriate comment!
All the items are super, but I think my favourites are the children's things and that fantastic bookcase. They look wonderful in real life!

KT Miniatures said...

Aww...shucks Robin! Actually I still have boxes of unpacked vintage items, two dolls houses and room boxes ready to be listed for sale. But it just takes so long to unpack, photograph, list & upload.....three guesses as to what I'll be doing today!!!lol