Monday, 28 February 2011

More Unsold Vintage Stock From Thame Fair Now For Sale - All Circa 1930s

This afternoon I have been able to put up for sale on KT Miniatures website, some of the final pieces from the stock that was taken to Thame Fair; all from the 1930s and part of the wonderful collection that was found in an old attic by a builder.
There is this delightful wooden kitchen dresser, thought to possibly be Tiny Toy. It is in a good played with condition and  has been put up for sale on the Antique 1/12th scale Kitchen Page along with the other kitchen items below. The two drawers with bead knobs open and there are three little nail hooks....would look fabulous with some old china teacups hanging from there.  A nice touch is the pale greenyblue worktop - so pretty!
The German carpet sweeper is all metal with a bristle brush fabulous is that? From the fluff that has collected on the can imagine the previous young owner back in the 1930s embarking on her miniature housework....(sorry if I sound sexist but back in those pre WW2 days the dolls house would undoubtedly have belonged to the female children of the household)!!!

 There is also a wonderful metal mop with woollen mop head over a metal frame plus a little feather duster. Judging by the slightly grubby mop head,  does make me wonder whether the original young owner did actually mop her dolls house kitchen floor with it?

I think this 1930s metal framed mirror is wonderful...... admittedly the mirror is sligthly tarnished and the gold paint has worn away in places...but hey, this is just how I love it!!! I spend hours making my handmade items to look naturally aged. The mirror can be found on the Antique 1/12th Living & Dining Room page however it would look grand in various dolls house rooms such as a hall or even bedroom.

Finally there is quite a rare Tiny Toy gas cooker that has just been listed on the Vintage 1/16th scale Others is the first one that has come in over nearly 15 years of that gives you an indication on how this particular piece does not come along very often.  The mottled paint finish may not be to everyone's taste but I think it is delightful. It is of wooden construction with a metal plate rack and hob top.
Most of the unsold stock from Thame Fair has now been listed....there are just two room boxes then that is more or less it. Sorry if anyone is waiting to see the c1920s G&J Lines Dolls House listed for sale on KT has now been sold.

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