Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Just Some Of The Vintage Pieces That Will Be Available At Thame Fair Next Week

With THAME DOLLS HOUSE & MINIATURES FAIR just a few days away now ( 19th Feb), preparations are in their final stages.  Here you can take a peek at some of the various vintage pieces that I will have for sale on KT Miniatures Stand. (Incidently my stand number will be No 29 which is in the main hall, same spot as usual near the exit doors).

I have a selection of 1930s/early 40s furniture and old dolls that will be for sale on the day. The dresser and cooker above are believed to be Tiny Toy pieces .....absolutely delightful.
Here is a very old wireless.....there is some debate amongst the experts whether this is a Tiny Toy wireless or  Pit-a-Pat?
There is a gorgeous set of vintage dolls which have caused some considerable debate too. Initially I thought they were all Grecon apart from the maid who I thought was Tomac. But the feet on the Grecons are large & not like the normal shaped lead feet. One expert has told me that she thinks that most of these dolls are Grecon and made during the war when the normal supply of lead feet were unavailable so an alternative supplier was sought. She also thinks that the maid is a Tomac doll due to her facial features.

This rather smart Grecon lady is in fabulous condition and rare.

This Grecon chap is in great condition

However, another doll expert thinks that actually all of the dolls could be early Grecon, even the maid (with her wide mouth & suggestive eyes)? 'Tis possible.

Another aspect that I found puzzling is that there are no Grecon labels on any of the dolls and not even a hint of there ever being one. I know they did often fall off but with a few dolls like this I would expect there to be at the very least a remnant of one label remaining.  It has been suggested to me that as Miss Cohn who made Grecon dolls did not register the name of Grecon until 1940, maybe all pre war Grecon dolls did not have a label.......therefore making these pre 1940s?

Tomac or Grecon?
What a handsome pair!
Regardless of whether all are  Grecon or whether one or two maybe Tomac - there is no doubt that these are very old, absolutely delightful and would look fantastic in a vintage house....all waiting for a new home. Below is a random sample of some of the other lovely old pieces that will be on sale at Thame.
Assortment of Pit-a-Pat including rare "directors chair" & grand piano plus a German art deco trolley.

Hope these have tempted your tastebuds sufficiently and inspired you enough to come to Thame Fair! All these and lots more will be sold on a first come, first serve basis then if unsold, will be put up for general sale on the website after the event. For a more in depth list of KT Miniatures Thame Fair Stock, for both my vintage and handmade pieces, please CLICK HERE

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