Monday, 7 March 2016

Oooh Err.....Apparently Thame Had An Earthquake Here Last Night...And I Slept Through It All!!!

It is not often (thankfully) that Thame (a small sleepy Oxfordshire UK market town) hits the news but apparently Thame hit the main news today and I have been blissfully unaware of it I was busy being imaginative with packaging due to a sudden influx of lots of lovely orders and a sudden lack of suitable boxes! And then Robin, my Nostalgia In Miniature Workshop colleague and fellow Thame resident, informed me that we were practically on top of the epicentre of an earthquake last night. Ummm...and I slept through it all!  Ha ha...and apparently so Robin did too...perhaps its our age!

Thankfully it was only a magnitude of 2.3 and the worst that happened was that neighbours and fellow Thame friends were shaken in their beds/houses momentarily and some talk about hearing something that sounded like an explosion or big bang?

Oh well...there we are then.

Am just starting to list the various remaining c1920s Bertha Penrose/Ralph Wright (connections to the Bloomsbury Set) antique dolls house furniture to KT Miniatures' website that were left unsold from Thame Fair. But the whole process is taking ages and it will probably be tomorrow now when the button is pressed to make it go live. 

These are only just some that are going up for sale - there are other pieces too, all being rather rare and quite special that just don't come along very often.


Robin said...

Apparently the Northern Lights were visible too......missed that as well!

KT Miniatures said...

Haha I understand now, too Perhaps we ought to stay up all night tonight...just in case!!! Celia

Giac said...

Hello Celia,
Thank goodness the quakes were not too big. It probably rocked you into a deeper sleep ;)
Big hug

KT Miniatures said...

Haha may be right there! Celia