Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Nice Day Last Saturday But Now Time To List Unsold Stock!

Well that's Thame Dolls House & Miniatures Fair over for another year, but what a great day it was! Thank you to everyone who came on Saturday, we hope you really enjoyed it. Was so nice to meet our customers and we did have  some fascinating chats! I understand from the organisers that the total raised for the charity Breast Cancer Now exceeded £3,000 which is amazing.
These pics of my stand were taken before the doors opened, with everything set up and in place.
I only had one tiny dolls house this year, an unusual 1930s house with those early Romside windows with bars down each side as hinges. It sold almost straight away and the lovely intrepid new owner travelled back to the Midlands with it tucked under her arm, on a bus and train no less! The little  Art Deco wooden display cabinet which I have had for years, sold too and has gone to a really good home - I was quite choked to see it go in the end.  The 1/12th scale prototype Early 1900s Little German Style Shop which is our next workshop, caused quite a stir and great interest, as it sat at the far end of my stand, which was right next to Robin of Coombe Crafts stand (my Nostalgia In Miniature Workshop colleague).
My helper (yep - that's my daughter who was enticed all the way back from uni' to help me for the day on the basis that I paid for her return train ticket back up north, chocolate and possibly some sort of wage) arrived a few minutes before the fair opened and she just had time to gulp down a hot chocolate before the fun began! However, as I am now in my 20th year of trading, she is an old hand at this now and I've lost count on how many fairs I have exhibited during that time, often with her behind the stand!!
Remember the donated  DCA Dolls House Plant Set & DCA Boxed Hoover by Malcolm Ambridge?   CLICK HERE FOR MYSTERY OF DCA SOLVED!
Well, the DCA Plant Set sold for a fantastic £25.00 on Saturday and that will be donated to the BREAST CANCER NOW charity.....but I still have the boxed vacuum cleaner seen above,  so if you would like to purchase this, please get in touch with me asap. It will be going up for sale on my website, unless it is sold before - with all proceeds in aid of the charity.

 And finally.....I have now completed a massive stocktake for all the unsold stock leftover from last Saturday's fair. Tomorrow, at long last I hope to begin listing the handmade items to KT Miniatures  Handmade Emporium, of which there will be quite a few - much of the old stock is no longer available. In reality, it is going to take me quite some time... and then after, I will make a start on listing some of the unsold antique and vintage items including....
some of the gorgeous handpainted furniture by accomplished artist and sculptor Bertha Penrose (Wright) who had connections to the Bloomsbury Set, and her second husband Ralph Wright, for their children. Bertha's brother in law from her first marriage was the English Surrealist painter Roland Penrose. Sorry but some of the pieces seen in the above photo have been sold, but there is still quite a few pieces still available. But more about this another day....including my little purchase from Dave of TeenyWeeny Teddies, whose stand was just a few feet away from ours....and a peek at my next  project I am working on....all for my own collection, am loving every minute!


Giac said...

Hello Celia,
I am so happy you had a good show and that so much money was raised for the cause.
Big hug
N.b. Your daughter is very beautiful!

KT Miniatures said...

Aww...thanks Giac. Yes, it was a nice day...seems like a long time ago now, but it has only been one week exactly! Celia