Saturday, 5 March 2016

Handmade Dolls House Items Now Up For Sale & A Little DCA Hoover In Aid Of Charity!

At last am delighted to say that all of the newly handmade dolls house items that were left unsold from last weekend's fair, are now well and truly up for sale on KT Miniatures' website. 
Although already, some are being snapped up!
All  handmade items can be found on the pages of KT Miniatures Little Handmade Emporium.

My next task is to list all the antique and vintage dolls house items that were left unsold from last weekend too. These will take even longer to list as there are more of them...but hopefully some will go live on Monday, beginning with the rare c1920s Bertha Penrose/Ralph Wright pieces! However,  as it is Mothering Sunday tomorrow here in the UK, my kids have told me that I must have the day off, so am hoping to be waited on hand and foot..ha ha!

So ladies...Happy Mother's Day to all of you mums out there, wherever you may be...hope you have a lovely day. 

I'm still often asked why I support the breast cancer charity and it came up yet again in conversation just the other day. If  you click on the following link, it will take you through to a past KT Miniatures Journal, and if you read the first part of that old post - all will become clear - CLICK HERE.

The charity Breast Cancer Campaign changed it's name last year when it amalgamated with another charity, so the charity is now called.....BREAST CANCER NOW, of which I am an ardent supporter.

Which leads me onto to say that the donated DCA Dolls House Hoover Model 262 & Box (donated by Malcolm Ambridge - son of one of the three co-founders of DCA) remained unsold after last week's fair, so it will be going up for sale on Monday, unless sold beforehand. All proceeds from the sale of this hoover will be in aid of Breast Cancer Now. If you are interested in purchasing this before it goes up for sale on KT Miniatures website on Monday, please do get in touch asap.

Am delighted to say that the donated DCA Plant Set was sold at Thame Fair for £25.00, which is also in aid of Breast Cancer Now.

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