Saturday, 17 October 2015

Some Lovely Antique & Vintage Items Have Gone Up For Sale At Last!

Finally I was actually able to list some wonderful antique and vintage treasures to KT Miniatures website yesterday....after weeks and weeks away from my desk! (Many thanks for your messages re: Mr KT - he is back home again, rather poorly but still smiling). Even though one or two of the old treasures were snapped up immediately, there are still plenty of others on offer. 

This rare c1923-1925 Elgin Boxed Bedroom - PF20 Jacobean Bedroom Suite Boxed (Sold Under Lines Bros. Ltd/Tri-ang Label) was snapped up very quickly. Not surprising as these just don't come along very often.
This teenage Grecon doll who is causing a bit of a riot with old Grandpa Grecon on top of the old piano, has Humpty Dumpty watching them very closely...ha ha! 
These two Grecon dolls are now up for sale on the Old Dolls House Dolls Page.
A variety of other miniature furniture and accessories were also listed yesterday.  The piano caused a large amount of interest and was reserved almost immediately. Not surprising, as it is exquisite.
It is of wooden construction, with a lift up lid that reveals original paper keys. There are two rather lovely wooden diamond shaped embellishments on the main part of the piano, above the keys. So too, the shaped legs give extra character. I think this could well be of German origin. There is is a price of 1/- (one shilling) on the back in pencil, which was a lot of money back in 1926!! How do I know this dates from 1926? Well - just take a look at the photo below.
As well as the price, there is this wonderful inscription on the back which you can see above.... makes it  so very easy to date..if only every piece of dolls house furniture had a dated inscription!! Must admit, I was curious as to why the inscription said " Mother & Daddy" and not "Mummy & Daddy". "Mother" sounds so formal...don't you think?
Now this tin floral pram is curious. It is marked FOREIGN and I have come across these a few times over the years. I had always assumed (along with a lot of other people) that these dated from the 1930s and were of German origin. But just recently these have appeared advertised on a well known website as being Hungarian and dated from the 1950s. So...the jury is out on this one? This is currently up for sale on the Antique Nursery Page
This vintage raffia and cane three tiered cake stand intrigues me. Do you think this is maybe Japanese and date from pre WW2? Has anyone seen one quite like this before-I certainly haven't? It would look fabulous laden with vintage plates of food. 
Then there is this vintage wooden coal scuttle....the lid lifts up.
It has been well made but no idea of exact date or origin. Am possibly wondering if it has been homemade from some sort of commercial plans? The cake stand and coal scuttle can be found with other items for sale on the Antique & Vintage Living/Dining Room Page.
This c1930s Pit-a-Pat wardrobe has been put up for sale on the Pit-a-Pat Page
The door opens to reveal to hanging bars, one either side of the recess - complete with a suspended hanging hook on each side. 
The tiny red bead handle is original and on the back is the instantly recognsiable red and black paper Pit-a-Pat label.
What is intriguing is that the beading along the top, commonly seen on Pit-a-Pat furniture and indeed their wardrobes, appears to be a little shorter than usual. Normally it spreads right across the top, but in this instance is stops short either side? Did the person making this run short of beading in the factory that day? Or, perhaps was the original piece of beading lost and a previous owner fitted a replacement from another broken piece of Pit-a-Pat furniture?

Am hoping to undertake some more vintage listing to the website next week. Is so good to be back working on KT Miniatures again!


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