Wednesday, 27 May 2015

If You Are A Lover Of Antique Dolls Houses....Just Take A Look At Deb Jackson's Latest Creations!

I recently spent a wonderful day visiting Kensington Dolls House Fair....I love it there! Not only does it give me a chance to catch up with old friends but gives me a wonderful opportunity to just marvel at the wonderful skills of so many other artisans.....and the sights were a magical feast as always. 
Once again, as I came to Deb Jackson's stand....not only did I get the opportunity to catch up with Deb, but I found myself truly mesmerised by her creations. Mind you, she had had a fantastic fair and much of her stock had already flown off her shelves by the time I got to her.
If you are a follower of Deb's work and also of this KT Miniatures Journal, you will know that Deb made me a vintage Tri-ang style miniature dolls house, which is now a focal point in the nursery of my c1930s Hobbies 186 Special Dolls House....seen lower down on the right side of this blog. And it was Deb's little vintage style dolls houses that particularly captured my gaze at KDF!! Deb has kindly sent me some photos and allowed me to show you a couple of examples which I felt would be of particular interest to those of you who are very much into antique and vintage dolls houses.
Isn't this exquisite!
This beautiful little antique style house is even furnished and has tiny antique style dolls too.....
So too this antique style house.....the quality of detail is simply breathtaking!
Deb has some more fantastic creative ideas up her sleeve...can't wait to see what she does next!! To find out more about the above or if you want to know how to get hold of Deb, just go to her website:

Meanwhile....after yet another mammoth session of cutting wooden components for our impending June all day workshops....I have finally managed to squeeze in a couple of sessions of listing some antique and vintage miniatures.
Quite a mixed eclectic bunch...ranging from antique mirrors, a kitchen dresser, bedroom furniture to some extremely old chairs.....
Including this intriguing little beauty....probably either late Victorian or early 1900s. Ok...the seat maybe a little threadbare but that's just how I love it....has obviously been well used and much loved! This and other furniture recently listed include a German sideboard and old chairs, all of which can be found on the following page:
This is a very old mirror, could be used in a variety of rooms.
Plus there is this pressed tin cherub scene fixed to a material and metal frame....quite unusual but would look fantastic in an antique dolls house.These and more recently listed old curious items can be found on the following page:
This is stunning.....a real lovely solid wooden dresser, of continental origin and very now up for sale on the following page;

Moving onto a completely different era now....yesterday, I managed to list one or two c1960s vintage Tri-ang Spot On and Jennys Home pieces.....including the following:
These and more can be found on the following link:

I have shown you just a random selection on here and I will continue to list as and when I can, in between putting the finishing touches to our workshop kits.


Janice said...

KDF was especially good this time around I thought. Deb Jackson's work is amazing.

12Create said...

Those mini houses are exquisite, especially with the tiny dolls and furniture - definitely on my wishlist.

KT Miniatures said...

Janice......I agree, I did think KDF was particularly excellent this time around.

12 Create...I hope you get your wish of a Deb Jackson mini dolls house one day!!