Sunday, 17 May 2015

Bits Of Wood Everywhere!

If you are wondering why KT Miniatures has had no vintage or handmade stock listed to the website these past couple of weeks or so, then this is the reason why! 

I've well and truly had my "creative hat" on, and have been loving every single minute. 
Once the plans had been drawn up, it was then a question of "how" to work out the easiest way for workshop attendees to put the components together.  You have no idea how long this has taken!
With two full day workshops looming rapidly upon us in June - plus another special workshop for a miniaturist club in the west country at the beginning of July, this is an incredibly busy time for both me and my Nostalgia In Miniature Workshop colleague Robin.
This particular day it was  "creating the shop frontage" day...all 25 of them!
Robin and my skills complement each other perfectly. I love creating and working with wood so have the task of hand cutting all the hundreds and hundreds of components needed for this particular project. Robin is in charge of  designing and creating the amazing vintage style toys that will be accompanying this project....over 30 no less!
Here is a peek at just a handful of the many vintage style toys that Robin has been designing for this workshop.

Her 1/12th scale miniature Tri-ang toy mangle and wash set, made simply out of card, paint and glue truly magnificent!
All 25 main shop carcasses, including roofs are now put together. 

Another day it was "creating the door frames" day! By the way....clothes pegs are fantastic for clamping bits of wood together!
There are literally dozens of separate components for each individual kit, all handcut - I've worked out a cunning numbering system to avoid confusion....(hopefully)!

I truly love working with wood....oddly enough, sawing wood can be extremely therapeutic!

And Something Else.....
In the midst of all this, Robin and I spent Thursday morning creating a 1/12th scale and 1/24th scale prototype for yet a different workshop we are undertaking in July, this time for a west country miniaturist club!!
It gave me a much needed break from cutting up bits of pleased to say that this was another job well done-we were chuffed to bits with the results, pics are winging their way to the relevant club and we are looking forward to seeing all of those twenty club members in July! It will be taking place in my old stamping by the end of that particular workshop, I will have slid straight back into my Gloucestershire accent...haha - be warned ladies (and gent)!

And finally......for all those of you waiting patiently for me to begin listing antique and vintage items once again to KT Miniatures website....fingers crossed, by midweek...I shall be able to start in earnest!
Meanwhile, the last few remaining pieces from over 180 amazing antique and vintage glassware pieces, all from one single collection, have now been amalgamated onto just one page, so that you can see at a glance what is still available.....


PILAR6373 said...

veo que habéis estado trabajando mucho y bien!!! Un proyecto maravilloso!!!
Tus nuevas piezas antiguas son geniales!!!

KT Miniatures said...

Thanks Pilar....Celia