Tuesday, 24 February 2015

What A Brilliant Day It Was - Will Start Listing Unsold Thame Fair Stock This Week!

Many thanks to everyone who came along to see us at the annual Thame Dolls House & Miniatures Fair last Saturday....hope you had a great time, we certainly did! What lovely chats we had!
I remembered to actually take my camera this time......and all these pics were taken with just a few minutes to go before the opening time.
Sorry folks....my gorgeous G&J Lines No 74 was sold!
As always, much thought went into choosing a diverse selection of both KT Miniatures' handmade items, as well as antique and vintage stock.
My helper for the day was daughter Kate (who was bribed to come back from uni especially for the event) and did a splendid job. She is doing a maths degree so put me to shame with her ability to do some amazing mental adding up.....I struggled along as usual with the calculator!

Am delighted to report that much was sold on the day.......and once all the takings and after sales were added up,  this turned out to be the second most profitable Thame Fair for us ever (I have been doing this fair since it's very beginning in 2004)! So a very special thanks to organisers Felicity and Ron for putting on yet again another lovely and successful event!
Although there were visibly less people through the doors, many of the standholders still did good steady trade and the local club put on an exhibition of some of their creations. The charity stands appeared to be busy too, including the sales table. Sadly, as often happens at these events, one or two artisans did not do very well, I have given up trying to fathom out the reason why, as sometimes there just does not seem to be any logical reason for it, their creations were beautiful, stunning and competitively priced?

But now, my BIG stocktake is done and I hope to begin listing some of the unsold stock to KT Miniatures website this week. I will begin with the handmade items, which will appear in KT Miniatures Little Handmade Emporium - but please be patient as it takes absolutely ages to photograph and individually list each item.


Donna S said...

Celia, I can only say that your stand at the show looks wonderful!
Such a diversity of items. You would do well in Canada I am sure.
I look forward to seeing the new things you will put on your site.

jenann said...

What an amazing array of beautiful things you had to sell, Celia!

Oh that house - it is stunning and so is your lovely daughter.

I'm glad you had a good day, but what a shame so sellers had less luck.

I'm back being directed by Grandma and Grandpa as to what we must buy for Number 2 Dolly Mixture Lane, so will be looking at your site over the coming days


DollMum said...

I wish we could have attended this year (last year was our first time) but the date was impossible for us unfortunately. I'm so glad you had a really successful, enjoyable day. It is a mystery why some stallholders don't do as well as others.

Giac said...

Hello Celia,
I am thrilled the fair went so well for you. Your tables looked just beautiful (as did your assistant by the way).
Big hug,

KT Miniatures said...

Many thanks everyone for your kind comments.

Donna....maybe one day you could take a trip over to the UK...would be great to meet you after all this time!

Jenni....is so lovely to hear from you again...hope you are feeling better. Have started listing unsold stock today but is going to take ages....have spent an entire afternoon just listing the vintage style scenes - can be found on the Little Emporium Ground Floor Page.

DollMum...you missed a real treat, what a shame you couldn't come this time...but there is always next year!!

Giac...as always, you say such nice things....thank you!! Celia