Thursday, 19 February 2015

Final Posting Before Thame Fair....c1920s G&J Lines No 74 Dolls House!

As promised, at last I've been able to put some photos on here of the lovely rare dolls house I'm taking to Thame Dolls House & Miniatures Fair on Saturday. 

 It is a c1920s G&J Lines No.74 Dolls House....

I 've had this for 2 years would you believe, but after finding woodworm (in the base mainly) when it first came in, I immediately embarked on thoroughly treating in the usual way (4 treatments no less).  I've not seen any movement in the past year, the holes are now filled in and it's been sitting up in my workroom for weeks. It is a joy to look at  and to be honest, I've been completely torn on whether to keep it. The house is BEAUTIFUL and it epitomises the 1920s/30 style perfectly! But as there really is no more space left here, I've had to allow my head to rule my heart ... so with Thame Fair coming up, have finally made the decision to let it go to allow someone else to enjoy.
The exterior appears to be in original condition....albeit a little worn...there is a tiny patch of the original brick paper missing on the front. I believe (but I may have this wrong) that there should have been a sun dial underneath the front round window, and it does appear that the tiny square underneath has a slightly different texture to the rest of the exterior? All metal windows are glazed with real glass and fully is just the round window with the wooden frame at the top that has lost it's glazing, so too the round wooden framed windows on the garage doors.
The interior is a real restoration project...but what an amazing and exciting project to take on! I 'd already made a start quite some time ago.  Inside, there were several layers of wallpaper that had been applied over the various decades, (on the floor as well as the walls)...and carefully the layers were peeled away but when I got to each final layer, disappointingly a previous owner had painted over most of the original papers!

The good news was that I was able to salvage much of the red patterned paper in the little room above the garage....I say garage but in photos of another No. 74, someone has used it as a there's a thought! 

There is a hint of the green striped paper in the hall and landing but someone has painted green gloss paint on the lower half all the way round on both levels. 
The back central panel opens to give access to the two main rooms, which is a nice touch. 

This house will be stunning once the interior is restored....and a lovely project for any serious dolls house collector, as this model rarely comes along.

It is the only dolls house I'll have on my stand on Saturday, due to lack of space, and will be sold on a first come, first serve basis.

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12Create said...

I don't envy you having to part with some of the lovely treasures that pass through your hands. This house is lovely.

Giac said...

Hello Celia,
That is one of the most charming miniature houses I have ever seen. It is stunning. I know someone will be very happy to give it a good home.
Big hug,

KT Miniatures said...

I have certainly found letting this particular dolls house go rather painful was collected this morning by someone who fell completely in love with it at the fair yesterday.

It is stunning isn't it Giac....but I know that it has gone to a good home and has now embarked on a new chapter in it's long history. Celia