Monday, 2 February 2015

Big Dolly & All Her Friends Plus A Little Bit More Besides!

Just lately, amidst the weird and whacky chaos of real life here, I've been trying very hard to get stuck into some serious creating for the forthcoming Thame Dolls House & Miniatures Fair- being held on Saturday 21st February. As usual I'll put up a Thame Fair Stock Page on KT Miniatures website a few days before the event, which will include both my handmade items as well as antique/vintage dolls house items that will be available to purchase from me on the day.
 BIG DOLLY & ALL HER FRIENDS is something I've been wanting to make for such a long time now and with that in mind,  I've been collecting bits and bobs -  mostly vintage and antique, including a beautiful antique wooden smoking cabinet with bevelled glass...just for this very scene.
The stunning wallpaper used is antique and I currently do still have a little available to purchase on KT Miniatures - it' really is so pretty. The centre piece is the beautiful bisque doll, probably early 1900s and German, she has such an enchanting face!!! The other dolls are mostly antique and vintage, including the slightly odd Caco boy in a beret and the 1950s celluloid cook (who has mislaid his hat). The rocking horse is pre-WW2, minus its back rest but looks perfect in this setting.  I tried to create a magical illusion that the dolls are actually alive and having a jolly good time when us humans aren't looking...haha! A friend dropped by the other day and saw this sitting on my kitchen table.  After muttering all sorts of lovely comments she finally concluded that the dolls almost seemed to be alive....hmmm so job done then methinks...haha!
Behind this tiny door is a little bit more magic....
This little scene is called STORY TIME, another little scene that's been a long time in the making. The wooden 1930s clock encasement was stripped of all its internal mechanism, then filled with a Victorian chaise lounge and various vintage and antique dolls of all shapes and a duck and other oddities.
I used a precious scrap of some early 1900s wallpaper to line the back wall - the patina of this old wallpaper is simply gorgeous. Tucked away in the corners of the encasement are more bits and bobs, including a blackboard, KT Miniatures vintage style books, antique lace etc. Big Dolly is reading a story from her rather well thumbed Golden Wonder Book, to all her attentive friends!
And finally...the third and tiniest of them all, is purely bonkers and made on a whim inside the redundant little drawer that was stripped out of the smoking cabinet! It is called....LET'S PLAY AT DRESSING UP! It is lined with the remaining scrap of early 1900s wallpaper, and the centre piece is another vintage 1950s doll that I have had simply ages. As I put this vintage crotcheted hat on her head, it slipped in such a way that immediately this scene took on a life all of its own and was great fun to do.

I hope all three of these little scenes have made you smile!

These creations will be available to purchase at  
Thame Dolls House & Miniatures Fair
What is not sold at the event, will then be put up for sale on  
KT Miniatures Little Handmade Emporium.


12Create said...

I love the little scenes you have created. Makes me think I could do something with some of the old little dolls I have tucked away. I also love the gorgeous old wallpapers you have used in the background.

Giac said...

Hello Celia,
Yes, I did smile! they are beautiful scenes and such a great way to display those gorgeous pieces.
Big hug,

Robin said...

You've really excelled yourself matie!!
Super fun, all of them - I've seen 'Story Time' and it is just to die for!!

KT Miniatures said...

Lovely to hear from you 12Create. I have never been able to throw any broken dolls or miniatures away, they all get stored away in very big boxes...haha. Its amazing what you can do with them. Some of the items in these boxes I have had for years. I am a real sucker for old wallpaper and material too...I keep the tiniest scraps.

KT Miniatures said...

Lovely to hear from you Giac. Many thanks for your lovely comment. Hope all is well with you. Celia

KT Miniatures said...

Robin...haha...glad you like them. Only another 17 days 'till Thame Fair matie!! Celia