Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Yet More Dol-Toi From Marion Osborne's Collection Has Just Gone Up For Sale!

Followers of KT Miniatures will know that for many months now, I have been working my way through through boxes and boxes of vintage Dol-Toi that belonged to Marion Osborne, and selling it all in batches on Marion's behalf. Gradually the quantity of boxes are diminishing but there is still yet more Dol-Toi to go!

In the past 24 hours, I have had another mammoth listing session purely on Dol-Toi alone and there are multiples of all sorts now available to purchase. 

There is a multiple listing of 20 different Dol-Toi stools (I kid you not), all are for sale,  and above you can see a few of them.
 There are Dol-Toi cutlery boxes of all shapes and sizes, some with cutlery....

and some without! The empty cutlery boxes could be useful elsewhere in the dolls house...don't you think?
 There are various Dol-Toi plaster food in frying pans....
and there are old Dol-Toi saucepans with plaster food....not sure what the brown stuff is, maybe stew perhaps?
And then there are some rather wonderful colourful vintage Dol-Toi saucepans and frying pans....
 along with various Dol-Toi plaster food on metal plates.

There is even a Dol-Toi plaster treacle pudding and roast beef with roast potatoes on metal oval trays, still in the original carded packet....never been opened or played with!
 There are tiny Dol-Toi nursery desks....
and various coloured Dol-Toi highchairs.

In fact, these are just a small sample of some of the vintage  Dol-Toi items that have gone up for sale in the past 24 hours. To view more - please click on the following link:

Dol-Toi Page. 
Why not take a peek?


Giac said...

Hello Celia,
I am sure these will sell fats. What a great collection and it looks in pretty good condition.
Big hug,

AM said...

Hi Celia, the colorful vintage pans are amazing. I agree with Giac, a great collection. Hug AM

Steinworks said...

what a wonderful collection :)

KT Miniatures said...

Many thanks everyone for taking the time to comment. These little Dol-Toi pieces are so enchanting, particularly the kitchenware and food. I love them! The photos don't really do them justice. Celia