Thursday, 15 May 2014

A c1920s Hopkins Bros.Tin Dresser Plus Some Antique Doll Tin Kitchenware

I am a huge fan of antique/vintage tin dolls house furniture so have found it quite painful to put up for sale this lovely and quite rare tin c1920s Hopkins Bros. dresser today. But I simply do not have any space in my dolls houses for this to go it must!
The embossed detail of the doors and drawers are for effect only. But I love the contrast of the dark green against the bright red....fabulous. 

Old dolls house kitchenware and china would look charming adorning these shelves. The scalloped top edge of the dresser is quite a nice touch and certainly enhances this item.
This advert appeared in Marion Osborne's A-Z1914 to 1941 Dolls Houses out of print. Marion has sold her last copy and is not planning on reprinting this particular book I understand. 
 In this old "Games & Toys" black and white advert circa 1928, you can see this dresser appearing as part of the "Monster Kitchen Set" by Hopkins Bros, Victoria Tin Toy Works, Credon Road, Upton Park, London E13.

This is quite rare....have not had one come into KT Miniatures before so is rather nice to handle one in the flesh. It is now up for sale on the Antique & Vintage Kitchen Page.

Also just gone up for sale today is this unusual set of a very old green painted tin colander and  frying pan. I have also thrown in an old kettle without a handle too, as hopefully it will be useful for someone! However, these are most definitely not dolls house size as they are quite large.....not sure what scale you would call them but I would say they are most suitable for a doll. Could even look rather nice displayed on a real life size dresser perhaps? The diameter of both  the colander and frying pan is 2 3/4". 

These can be found on the same Antique & Kitchen Page, as above.


Giac said...

Hello Celia,
Those are gorgeous, I said it before, I could not ever do what you do because parting with certain pieces would make me ill.
Big hug,

KT Miniatures said...

Hi Giac. Haha....yes, you have summed it up well. Sometimes letting go of certain little treasures is extremely painful indeed! Celia