Wednesday, 21 May 2014

If You Love Old Dolls Houses & Dolls, Just Take A Look At Deb Jackson's Little Creations!

I had a lovely time as a visitor at Kensington Dolls House Festival last Sunday. It just seemed that nearly every stand had the "wow factor". Along with my friends that came with me, we just stood in complete wonderment at so much creative genius! Having been a visitor a few times now to this rather lovely event in London, it just seemed to us that this particular fair was simply better than ever and the standard of artisans was simply breathtaking...even magical. 

However, as you have probably guessed by now that I am just a little bit obsessed with antique and vintage dolls houses (haha)  it is not surprising that I found utterly captivating the creations of a certain UK lady who I have known for quite a while but someone that many of you from the world of antique & vintage dolls house collecting may not be familiar with.......her name is Deb Jackson of  Deb Jackson Designs (DJD).

Amongst her many exquisite creations, Deb has been making some rather beautiful and stunning antique/vintage style miniature dolls houses in tiny scale to sit inside your own dolls house! Some of them are based on actual old houses...and some come fully furnished...some even have inhabitants too!

This is one of my favourites ...isn't it amazing? It even has a staircase with decorative ballustrades and fireplaces!
Amongst a real diversity of miniature creations, Deb also makes weeny antique style dolls including  micro dollies sitting on tiny brass chairs!!! These beautiful miniatures would look rather lovely in our antique and vintage dolls house nurseries....don't you think?

Please do go take a peek at Deb's will love it!


Giac said...

Hello Celia,
thank you for posting about Deb. Her work is incredible!
Big hug,

KT Miniatures said...

Hi Giac. Yes Deb's work is utterly wonderful. The photos don't do the little pieces true justice....they are even more stunning in real life. Celia

Diane said...

The dolls as soooo cute :).