Friday, 22 November 2013

Last Minute Dolls House Addition For Haddenham Event Tomorrow...c1930s Tri-ang No 62!

This is a very brief posting to say that I am now able to bring a circa 1930s Tri-ang No. 62 dolls house to the Haddenham Dolls House Exhibition tomorrow for purchase.......
This is in addition to the already advertised 1930s Dolly Mixture dolls house, as seen in the last posting.
The exterior is in completely original condition, all metal windows, chimneys, steps and two of the original lampshades are still there. The exterior has had a coat of  white plus a light green on the top part of the base. But this is lovely and just look at that wallpaper!

I will also be bringing a further big box of vintage low budget 1/16th scale furniture for you to rummage through, in addition to what has already been advertised. Am having a BIG clear to be had!!!!!

Just to recap - details of tomorrow's event is as follows:

Saturday 23rd November
Haddenham Dolls House Exhibition
Haddenham Village Hall, Bucks, HP17 8EE 
10.00am - 4.00pm
Admission £4.00 Adult/£1.00 Child
Hope to see you tomorrow!!!


Serenata said...

Oh wow! You are going to have two there! Will definitely be coming.

DollMum said...

have fun - I wish I could come too.

Troy said...

I love the old wallpaper. Its a great house.

KT Miniatures said... was lovely to meet you yesterday!

Cheers DollMum and Troy for your comments. The 1930s Tri-ang shown here was sold within the first hour of opening. Celia