Friday, 29 November 2013

A Wonderful 1940s Terraced House & Grocery Shop By Susan Collins Of Essex!

A long standing customer of KT Miniatures,  Susan Collins from Essex, has for months now been excitedly telling me about the progress of her 1940s terraced house. Then over the past week photos began to arrive into my "inbox" from Susan and well....they have completely blown me away! As you will see below, her projects are simply breathtaking! 

Susan has also sent photos of a brand new project she has started, of a 1940s Grocery Shop with a privy and garden round the back. Am delighted to say that Susan has kindly allowed me to feature both these projects on the KT Miniatures Customer Creations Gallery (relevant links can be found lower down).

Do take  a look, not only will you find all the photos utterly inspiring but I love Susan's humour and the photos are guaranteed to make you smile!

1940s Terraced House
This has been based on an "East End of London" terraced house during wartime, complete with Anderson Shelter, side entrance and even alley...truly wonderful. 
The house was made for Susan by John Burley,  the dolls in both this project and the grocer shop were made by Joy of  Adora Bella Minis and various items within this project have been created by specific artisans.
It is particularly delightful for me to see so many of KT Miniatures' creations that I have made over the years incorporated into this project, such as the wall shelf unit above the table on the right of the living room, books, framed pictures and even a coat and hat rack that you can just see through the open door of the living room, hanging on the hall wall.  Also, a wonderful example on how to mix and match antique 1/12th scale miniatures with more modern handmade miniatures, is where Susan has incorporated a 1930s German sideboard which looks well at home (seen in the photo above).....fabulous! 
Uncle Ted can be seen above with his old bike, talking over the fence. 
Above you can see the rusty side of the Anderson shelter and compost heap.
Above, you can just catch a glimpse of inside the shelter. 
In the alleyway the children play. Just look at William's go-kart and the pram that his baby brother is sitting in!
That Home Guard chappy reminds me of a character from "Dad's Army"!

 All these photos says it all..........don't you think?

If you would like to see the full story and details behind this creation plus nearly 30 photos of the entire project, please click on the following link:

1940s Grocery Shop
 Susan's grocery shop is based in wartime Britain and created from the shell of an old dolls house that has been given a new frontage. Her uncle once owned a jewellers shop and she can remember thinking how time literally seemed to have stood still in that shop, as nothing had seemed to have changed in years. Everything was brown and worn, so that memory has given her the inspiration for this particular project.
She has also created a privy and little garden at the back.....don't you just love the old lady on that loo!!! Hahaha....However, Susan tells me that this is very much a project in progress and promised to send more photos when the living quarters and other bits have been completed.

To see more photos and details of this project to date, please click on the following link:

To see the full list of KT Miniatures' customer creations, click on the following link which will take you through to the main index:

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Serenata said...

This is very inspiring indeed...if my 1940s project is even half as even 1/4 as good as this I will be pleased!

Thank you Susan for sharing this with us.

12Create said...

These projects are fabulous. The dolls have so much character and the house and furnishings are a wonderful mix and give the projects a life.

Neen said...

What lovely, inspiring projects! My mother was raised in the East End during the war, so I have to show her these photos. Well done!

KT Miniatures said...

Serenata..I have passed on your comment to Susan. I thought you would like this!! Good luck with that project of yours...shall look forward to seeing it when it's finished!! Hope these photos have helped to inspire you.

12Create..they are most definitely fabulous arn't they! There is something quite special about Susan's projects. I agree with you, the dolls just make me smile as they each have their own character.

Neen...glad you like these projects. Would be interested to know what your mum thinks of the photos. My mother in law was an East Ender too, during the war. They were bombed out and lost absolutely everything but survived. She and her sister were sent down to the cellar in the raid but her parents were still up in the house and were hurt. She lost her most treasured possessions which were her doll and a miniature teaset given to her by her grandfather!

jenann said...

What amazing creations! When I glanced at the first photo before reading your text, I thought it was a real terrace house that you were using as an introductory illustration to prepare us for a miniature house you would show further on. Only when I noticed the desk it is standing on did I realize that it was a miniature exterior.
It is quite humbling to see such wonderful work from Susan and also the items she has bought from you.
Don't you just love the little characters? I'm sure the little old lady in the loo wouldn't have that smile on her face if she knew we were able to see her!
Thank you for sharing.

Susan said...

Thank you all for your lovely positive comments on my 1940s scenes. It really has meant such a lot to know how much you have all enjoyed it.
I am having such a wonderful time creating all these scenes, but must admit to spending so much time on research of the era! It is absolutely fascinating from reading to creating and watching it all come together. The privy scene was so much fun to do.
A huge thank you to Celia for creating such wonderful pages.

KT Miniatures said...

Jenni-Know what you mean about the photo of the house does look realistic doesn't it.(Not long to wait now for your new acquisition!)lol

Susan...well what can I say? Even now when I look at your photos, they still make me smile! Am so looking forward to seeing your Grocery Shop when it's finished. Thank you again for sharing your beautiful projects with us! Celia

Rachel said...

This is incredible, so inspiring, I love it!

KT Miniatures said...

Hi you doing? It is lovely isn't it. Has Susan's project given you any ideas for your own little house? Celia

Rachel said...

Hi Celia, I'm well thanks, I hope you too?
It really has, I adore the crochet blanket on the bed and eiderdown, also the bedroom chair! I wonder if I should darken my furniture..
Also great to see the exterior, the front door is just the kind I've been thinking of, did Susan make this?
Really love it, I've been busy with work but must get back to my house. .

Sara said...

Me encanta toooodo!!

KT Miniatures said...

Thought you would like this Rachel!! I think the guy who made the house, made the front door too. However I can highly recommend Malcolm Smith who will make 1/12th scale 1930s/40s doors to suit your own measurements (

They are amazing and he can insert Art Deco mock stained glass in if you want. Yes, I love that crocheted blanket too. Am in awe of anyone who can crotchet or knit in miniature!

Cheers Sara...glad you like it!

Rachel said...

Thanks Celia, have just looked on Malcolm's site, perfect!